• When: 2020-06-09
  • QIC: Pondo
  • The PAX: Rosinbagger, Belding, TomTom, Chewy, SilverBullet, McNugget, JarJar, Shera, Froyo, Ash, Odyssey, BlahBlah, FNG Eli now F3Kemba, Pipeline, Heist, Teddy, CornDog, Rondo, Bonesaw, Pondo

Great to Be Back at #TheShed for a #SociallyDistancedGreenspaceBeatdown !

20 Woodshed and Legion Brothers posted for the first #Beatdown at #TheWoodshed since the late unpleasantness.  Nan’tan was in attendance.  Disclaimer was provided and social distancing observed. T-Claps to Belding for driving down from Pittsburg just to post with us.

Conditions: Warm and very humid, which almost, almost cause a Merlot Spill.  Also, there were a lot of confused poll workers.

The Thang: This pax was ready to get after it after some time at the Target parking lot.  They showed up and showed out.

Warm Up: mosey from the parking lot at Woodlands Park to the front of Meadowfield Elementary School and then back behind the gym/parking lot to the open field for a glorious COP: SSH, IW’s, Squats, Merkins, LBC’s, Low Country Crabs all x 20 IC,             Carolina Dry Docks x 15, Calf Raises x 40, Wide Arm Merkins x 15, Monkey Humpers x 20 all OYO, Freddie Mercuries x 20 IC, Air Chair for 1 minute, Diamond Merks x 15 OYO, Russian Twists x 20 IC and Worst Merkins Ever x 5 OYO.

Partner Up for Shuttle Runs in the field with cones spaced appropriately to provide plenty of social distance and pain.  Round 1) P1 holds high plank while P2 does Frank Martins to third cone line and back.  Flap Jacks; Round 2) Karaoke/high plank; Round 3) High Knees/high plank; Round 4) Sprint/high plank; Round 5) Bear Crawl to 2nd Cone line, Crab Walk to 3rd cone line, Mosey Back / LBC’s; Round 6) Backwards Bear Crawl to 2nd Cone line, Crab Walk in opposite orientation from Round 5 to 3rd cone line and Mosey Back/ LBC’s; Round 7) Backwards run to 3rd cone line/LBC’s; Round 8) Lunge Walk to 3rd Cone line and Mosey Back/ LBC’s

Mosey to bleachers behind baseball field for Dips x 50 with AMRAP LBC’s for rest; Step Ups x 25 each leg with AMRAP LBC’s for rest.

Mosey to hill by tennis courts for some hill repeats with 10 squats at the top and 10 merks at the bottom while partner holds high plank.  Finished at a democratically determined 52.5 minutes and then did a jail break back to the parking lot.

Socially Distanced COT with announcements and general prayer requests for our community, country and world for how bad 2020 has been. Welcomed FNG Eli Daley, now F3Kemba, who was EH’d by F3BlahBlah.

Moleskin: I cannot overstate how awesome it was to be back in the Gloom at The Woodshed!  It was excellent to have our Legion Brothers join us. #WorkWasDone

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