• When: 2023-01-24
  • QIC: Coon Dog
  • The PAX: Ponch, Slumlord (R), Stalker, Lady Bug, Bear Market, Mash, Hoist, Coon Dog

Leg Day at the Hollow 2.0

Weather Conditions: 31°

It has been nearly a year since YHC lead a workout for the fine men of the Hollow, so when an opportunity to Q presented itself, there was no hesitation to take the spot.  The plan was to take advantage of some stairs that YHC’s home AO doesn’t have and delivery a leg day beat down.  The 8 strong pax present this morning didn’t disappoint though, and solid work was put in all around.  Nicely done men and thanks for having me out!  As for the workout, here is how it went:

Disclaimer and Prayer

Mosey to the step in front of LOPAC and circle up

COP – All IC
      ▪ X25 SSH
      ▪ x20 Imperial Walkers
      ▪ x15 TTT
      ▪ x10 Windmills

The Thang

10 Rounds with an additional exercise each round.  Exercise reps are all x10.

1. x10 Squats – Run a loop up the 1st set of stairs (on the left), across the top, and back down the last set of stairs (on the right)
2. Repeat Round 1 adding x10 Calf Raises after Squats, and continue stair loop by adding the 2nd set of stairs (from the left) loop after completing the 1st set loop.
3. Repeat Round 2 adding x10 Smurf Jacks after Calf Raises, and continue stair loop by adding the 3rd set of stairs after completing the 2nd loop.
4. Repeat Round 3 adding x10 Bobby Hurleys after Smurf Jacks, and continue stair loop adding the 4th set of stairs.
5. Continue repeating prior Round adding x10 Plank Jacks and the 5th set of stairs.
6. Add x10 Lunges (each leg) and the 6th set of stairs.
7. Add x10 Plank Jump-Ins and the 7th set of stairs.
8. Add x10 Jump Squats and the 8th set of stairs.
9. Add x10 Monkey Humpers and the 9th set of stairs.
10. Add x10 Burpees and the 10th set of stairs.

Stair sets total was 55 with 15 steps each, for a grand total of 825 steps climbed.

Mosey back to the Shovel Flag



01/25:   Jailbreak @ 5:15a – playground area near Shawshank
01/28:   Be the Buffalo 5k
02/18:   Dam to Dam Relay

Prayer Requests & Praises
Hoist’s mother in law
Slumlord’s mother
Ponch’s promotion at work
McDonald family
Sick and injured pax


DEVO:  Spend time on what truly matters

As I have witnessed and been a part of a friend’s battle with cancer over the last couple of years, his amazing peace and eternal outlook on life has been something that I am in awe of.  He loves God and he loves his family, both of which are obvious within just a few moments of speaking with him.  As much as the situation hurts to see him physically in pain while knowing the prognosis, if there is a small glimmer of good to come out of his battle, it is the reminder that we will never regret spending time and effort on our relationship with the Lord and our families.  Focus and spend time on what truly matters.

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