• When: 06/05/15
  • QIC: Floppy Disk with help from all Dad's
  • The PAX: Giggles (kicks), Crack (Retro), Fracture (Sue Heck), Forest (Monkey), Nightmare (Megaladon), Catheter (G Unit and M&M), FDIC (Stilts), Vultron (Chipper), Blindside (Skittles and Blue Stars), Floppy Disk (Back Flip, Flipkick and Flips)

FFF at Graveyard is back

10 Dads with a total of 14 kids strolled into Graveyard this morning ready to spend some quality time with their 2.0’s.  The excitement level was high and YHC’s 2.0’s were uncontrollable playing a game of tag before we could even get the prayer underway.  One thing is for sure – some of those kids are fast – real fast.  With ages ranging from PreK all the way to High School, the morning stage was set for some quality bonding.

Conditions: 68 degrees with 90% humidity

The Thang

Mosey down the field weaving along the goal line down the 10 yd line and then the 20 yard line then to the center for our COP

SSH x 15 (Floppy Disk)
Imperial Walker x 10 (Catheter)
Merkins x 10 (Blindside)
Through the tunnel x 10 (Fracture)
Little Arm Circles x 10  front and back (Nightmare)
Big boy Situps x 10 (Forest)
Flutter kicks x 10 (Blindside)

Mosey to sideline
Firemans carry across the Swamp- 2.0’s do Merkins on 1 side until Dad’s step on the Alligator heads carrying (1) 2.0 at a time to bring them to the other side – Do BBSU’s until everyone across the Swamp safely.

Bear Crawl 1/2 way across field making bear sounds then sprint to the other sideline
Frog Jump 1/2 way across field making bear sounds then sprint to the other sideline
Crab Crawl 1/2 way across field making bear sounds then sprint to the other sideline

Mosey to end zone. Kids start on 15 yd line and dads on goal line.  Sprint to other side and dads try to catch kids.
Dad’s start at 10 yard line and run backwards while 2.0’s try to catch them.

Tunnel of 2.0 Love – Dad’s plank while kids crawled under – run to opposite End Zone
Up N Over’s – Kid’s jumped over Dad’s who were low planking – run to opposite End Zone

Mosey to the wall for some People’s Chair suicides – 2.0’s run first across field and back then Dad’s go.

Mosey to the 50 yd line – Lunge to 20 yd line and sprint to the end


2.0 Naming

Great work out there by the dad’s and 2.0’s.  FFF is 1 small way that we can Invest in time with our kids.  I encourage all Pax to try to bring their 2.0’s to one of the Friday or Saturday workouts this summer. 4 Dad’s and (7) 2.0’s headed to Chick Fil A for Coffeeteria afterwards.

F3 Dad’s Camp in August – Sign up now before it gets booked up.
Next 2.0 workout is next Saturday 6/13 – May be at Turning Point since Color Vibe 5k is at RBHS

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