• When: 06/05/15
  • QIC: JJ & Field Goal
  • The PAX: Scooper (Roadrunner), Chinstrap (Jazzy), Bing (Creature), Malfunction Junction (Pavarotti, Gadget, Spike), Lego (Twinkle Toes, Mountain Goat, Wild Child), Rugmaster (Mini Shag), Cheesesteak (Happy, Frozen, Muscle Man), JJ (Dash), Knozit (Grasshopper), Meatball (Sausage), Hot Spot (Sparkle), Pew (Duece), Dunphy (Beast Boy, Sonic), Field Goal (Knuckles, Crasher)

Doesn’t Get Any Better Than This

14 Dads & 22 2.0s rose nice & early for the first round of FFF in Lexington. YHC arrived a little early to “stash” the toy that would make an appearance a little later in the workout. When YHC arrived back in the parking lot, the Shawshank parade had begun and the pax were rolling in. What would come next is what YHC and Field Goal hoped would be a memorable workout for the dads & most importantly the 2.0s.

Weather: 68 and absolutely beautiful

Disclaimer & Prayer (Field Goal)

The Thang

Mosey over to the top soccer fields in front of the shelter. We assumed these would be the driest of the fields, but we should have know, nowhere at Shawshank is safe from standing water in the AM.


SSH x 10IC (Field Goal & Knuckles & Crasher )

TTT x 10IC (JJ & Dash)

Smurf Jacks x 10IC (Knozit & Grasshopper)

IW x 10IC (Bing & Creature)

Merkins x 10IC (Meatball & Sausage)

Robin Hood

Everyone rally up in the corner while YHC goes to grab the toy that was stashed earlier. Out came the Firetek Bow and Arrow (which I highly suggest you go out and get one for your 2.0s or for your own entertainment). Here’s how it went down…YHC would launch the arrow (40-50 yards) and while it was in the air everyone sprinted in that direction. Once the arrow hit the ground, everyone stopped and completed the called exercise the remaining distance to the arrow. Once you made it to the arrow, 2.0s planked and dads did 10 merkins OYO.

We completed 6 rounds with the following exercises to get to the arrow:

Rounds 1&2 – Bunny Hop

Rounds 3&4 – Bear Crawl

Rounds 4&5 – High Knee Skips (Candystripe would have been proud)

This took us to the front fields by the road.

Dads line up on sideline and fireman carry 2.0s to opposite sideline and back.

Rinse & Repeat

Tunnel of Love – Dads plank and 2.0s army crawl under

Railroad Ties – 2.0s plank and dads broad jump over

Modified Devin Hester – dads started at light pole on goal line, 2.0s started at the 2nd pole. On go, dads attempted to catch 2.0s before making it to other goal.

Rinse & Repeat

Out comes the Firetek for one last launch with high knee skips to get to the arrow.

Merkins x10IC

Mosey back to the shelter

COT (Field Goal)

BOM (Pew)


Tclaps to all of the pax that brought their 2.0s out today. This was/is a great opportunity for you to have the opportunity to make some memories and show them the benefits of all 3Fs. From personal experience, I know this has impact on your 2.0s because mine asked continually throughout the school year when he could come back out to F3 and still remembered his favorite part of his very first workout (Devin Hester…..imagine that, Dash likes to run at full speed with reckless abandon….who knew?). I urge you to take advantage of the FFF workouts that are scheduled as well as the Saturday options that are new this year. I guarantee that you will not leave thinking “I sure wish I would have slept in rather than doing this.” Don’t miss out on the opportunity to make some memories and strengthen the bond between you and your 2.0.

I want to say thank you for the opportunity to lead this special workout and I hope everyone got a good workout and had some fun doing so.


-6/6 Lexington has the Q at F3 Winnsboro & Greenwood

-6/8 5:15a Stride & Crusade meet at RBHS for soccer

-6/13 Color Vibe Run @ RBHS

6/27 Crucible

7/10&7/11 GORUCK Tough & Light

8/1 Sweet Baby O 5k

8/14-16 F3 Dads Camp

8/29 Stomp the Swamp & Convergence at BY

9/10-11 BRR

11/14 Lexington Half

Prayer Requests

Continue to pray for Walker & the Phillips family

Gravediggers long time family friend, David, passed away. Keep the family and friends in your prayers

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