• When: 2020-01-14
  • QIC: Dozer
  • The PAX: Kenwood, Parking Lot, All 9's, Dri-Soket, Mercy Rule, Overage, Dozer

Disclaimer: I am not a professional. You are here on your own free will. Listen to your body (and not my mind)….

Ok, maybe that’s not exactly how it goes. However, when you make the decision to Q the day after what should be a National Holiday (the end of College Football Season), you know the dudes that show up will be hard core and expecting to get their money’s worth. You never want to be “that guy” that brings a boring, easy Q, especially on this day. Luckily for the pax that showed up, I don’t get my feelings hurt easy. They said some really nasty things about my Q today (and I kept us in the parking lot instead of the football field – see if I do that again). Here’s what happened as we discussed the game, and the people who HC’d, then HQ’d..

***Conditions: 66 degrees. It rained hard up until 4:30 am, but not a drop after.

***Disclaimer & Prayer:

***COP consisted of a guided tour of what was in store (it was at this point that the verbal assaults began).

There were 10 stations set up. Each station had an index card with an exercise. Each exercise required moving in a line either all the way from light pole to light pole, or half way. Once you completed the exercise, you sprint from light pole to light pole before moving on to the next exercise.

Station 1: Burbee sandbag toss – 1/2 way and back

Station 2: Curls for the girls with the “Scotch” landscaping bricks (a crowd-pleaser)

Station 3: Gorilla Walk with block

Station 4: Farmer’s Carry Water Buckets

Station 5: Duck walk (a nameless pax skipped this one as the FiA ladies ran by for fear of looking like, well, a duck)

Station 6: LBAC/OHC with “Scotch” landscaping bricks

Station 7: Backward sprint

Station 8: Lunge with Sandbag

Station 9: Ruck carry with arms straight out front (You would think they would appreciate side handles, but we are talking about some ungrateful souls)

Station 10: Reverse Lunge with Shoulder Press with “Scotch” Landscaping bricks. Mercy Rule contemplated staying at this station for 45 minutes.

Run lap around parking lot, Rinse & Repeat





GORUCK events coming

Prayer Requests:




If you know me, you know there is a great deal of sarcasm and humor injected into this BB. It’s how I roll, and how the dudes at CAT & Hollow roll. I have been away for a bit due to injuries and trying to help Beech House get up and running. The dudes at CAT are my people, always have been. It was fun to get back and put in work with these men who all give it 100% at their homes, their churches, their workplaces, their communities, and F3.

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