• When: 2020-01-15
  • QIC: Bar Crawl
  • The PAX: Drisoket, Tardy, Pop Off, Half Sack, El Chapo, Deebo, Irrev, Little Giants

Guess who’s back

As you, dear reader, may or not be aware, almost a year ago, YHC was enjoying a nice ruck at Wander when I came upon a patch of black ice.  This caused my legs to comically fly out from beneath me while the weight of my ruck carried me to the ground. The final result was a torn labrum, shoulder surgery, and lots of PT (and no rucking). Over the past several months, I’ve solely been focused on running but have slowly started to add rucking back into the mix.  After seeing Pop Off at the Christmas party, he reminded me how much I missed the PAX of Wander so I immediately put my name down on the Q sheet to make my triumphant return. And whaddya know, I just happened to choose a hump day! I went back in the archives and found an ol’ reliable Hump Day route that was sure to please the PAX!

Not bad at all…low 60s



  • Right out of the parking lot
  • Left on Maiden Ln.
  • Right on S. Lake
  • Left on Fort St.
  • Right on Main St.
  • Left on Harmon St.
  • Left on Butler (oh how I missed Mt. Butler)
  • Right on Efrid
  • Right on Corley
  • Left on Harmon
  • Left on Azalea
  • Cross N. Lake
  • Left on Meetze
  • Left on Butler
  • Right on N. Lake
  • Cross Main St.
  • Right on Maiden Ln.
  • Right on Church St.
  • Arrive back at Icehouse

Mileage: Approx 3.08 miles
Elevation: Approx 300 feet




  • Dam to Dam – February 15
  • P200 – March 27-28

Irrev’s Cousin (or was it his sister’s cousin?) – Cancer diagnosis



It felt great to be back out in the gloom with the men of Wander! Welcome to my fellow Detainee Deebo who made his first Wander visit and his first ruck with a very manly tactical diaper bag! There was about as much complaining from the PAX as there always was when YHC brought out a hump day route…it took me back to the old days! Some PAX also learned a valuable lesson about walking behind Tardy… Looking forward to coming back again fellas!

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