• When: 2020-01-12
  • QIC: Granola
  • The PAX: Quisenbery, Canseco, Pearl (R), Yellow Cake, Booster, Little Giants, Socrates (R), PopOff, Weekend Special, Netflix ,Wapner, Granola.

Almost 36

12 PAX posted for some running, rucking, dealer’s choice kettle bells, gumby, and fellowship the this wet ground/dry sky mid 60’s morning. YHC was pushing hard to get every pax in the Tread Twitter DM to post. That would be 36. We just barely missed it. Hey, maybe next time.

Disclaimer and Prayer

Ruckers ruck and Runners run toward and around Lexington Villas for 30 minutes.

The Kettle Bell Thang for 25 minutes:

– Kettle Bell Stretch
– Kettle Bell Swings
– Curls for Girls
– Tricep Extensions
– Lawn Mowers
– Shoulder Press
– Napalm
– Squats
– Tea Pots
– One Arm Press
– Pull Overs
– Group American Hammers – passing the KBs around the circle as we work (2 rotations left, 2 rotations right)
– Big Shows
– Memory Ribbon
– Around the World
– Curls for Girls
– Elf on the Shelf – lower edition
– Tim Hardaway
– Squat Thrusters
– Swings
– Upright Rows
– Weed Eaters

And, then there was Gumby. YHC doesn’t even know if there are names for the pretzel poses and Twister moves Booster lead us through, but it lasted for 5 minutes.



– Forge at green Lowes

Prayer Requests:

– Our leaders – local and national
– Wapner Church launch today
– Canseco’s brother driving back to FL today – safe travel
– Booster and Lauren leading this morning on Obediah – that God would work through them

– God is just. Those who are prideful and arrogant and turn away from God will be punished. But, there will be a time for even those to be made whole again…Jesus. Be encouraged, because even for those who have turned away, there is a way to redemption.

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