• When: 2020-01-13
  • QIC: Alter Boy
  • The PAX: All pax and their families are welcome to join!

2020 F3 New Year’s Fuel Challenge Week 2: Drink Plenty of H2O!

Congratulations – you have made it through the first week of the fuel challenge! Alreadt hearing reports of weight loss and success stories.

On to this week’s challenge. After a week of focusing most of your efforts towards your food intake, this week we will focus on H2O.

The Challenge: Drink 64 ounces of water per day. Dehydration of just 1-2% of body weight begins to compromise function and performance. Dehydration greater than 3% of body weight increases risk of cramps or heat-related illness. And here’s the thing: thirst is a poor indicator of dehydration because athletes can lose more than 1.5 liters of water before noticing thirst. Make a point BEFORE every meal to have a glass of water. That will get you closer to the 64-ounce daily target and thus help keep you hydrated (important since EVERY system in your body depends on water), and it will improve digestion and help make you feel more full more quickly.

Good old fashioned H2O is definitely your best hydration source. Sports drinks are important for replenishing electrolytes during extended exercise over 60 minutes, but they can also be high in sugar. Stick with water with meals and at other times during the day.

I recommend everyone get a large water bottle and keep it with you at work. Carrying a water bottle to work every day helps to measure water intake and to make sure that you are getting enough.

Challenge Number 2: Don’t eat white starches this week. Go for better choices of starches, such as sweet potatoes, brown rice and whole grain pasta. White starches are “refined” and other foods that are “enriched” or “fortified” are just a fancy way to tell you they stripped out anything good for your body. If you buy in to the idea that white bread is not good for you, then this is easy. White rice and potatoes are on par (slightly worse) on how it affects your blood sugar, and all are worse than eating the equivalent amount carbohydrates in table sugar! (not a great substitute but you get the point!) The non-refined foods typically are going to be higher in fiber, vitamins and other nutrients. (the good stuff)

Just as is with our F3 workouts, positive peer pressure is a strong motivator. In the fuel challenge, it’s you-against-you; however, we’re asking you to help push each other. Let the PAX know how the Challenge has been working for you either on the email loop or on the DM thread. There’s room to be added for pax that would like to participate. Just HC on the Twitter post!


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