• When: 2021-10-28
  • QIC: Blue Bloods
  • The PAX: Black Betty, Skid Mark, Net Zero, Wee Wee, Twerk, Dominion, Two-Star (R), Escobar, Blue Bloods

9 PAX Got Better With Some Tricks and Treats at the Surge Halloween Spooktacular

Last Halloween(ish) YHC wanted to bring something a little more creative and more seasonal than the YHC’s typical Q.  Thus the Halloween Spooktacular was born.  Although it’s still in its infant stages, (this being the second “annual” event), the men of Surge embraced and some betterment was achieved.  

Here’s how it went….

Conditions:  High 40’s and Brisk!!!

2 minute warning, mumble chatter, laughs, 1 minute warning, go time

Disclaimer, Not a pro, Modify if Needed, No FNG, Opening Prayer

Mosey to loading dock…


SSH IC x 15; LBAC Forward IC x 10; LBAC Reverse IC x 10; TTT IC x 10; IW IC x 10

Grab a block and head to the basketball court……

The Thang:

The Tricks…..

To improve on last year’s rendition, YHC tried to find some ways to make it more fun.  This year YHC brought a Pumpkin Punch Out game, much like those shown on game shows where a contestant punches threw tissue paper and pulls out a prize or what have you. 

This year YHC held cards in his hand with varying different workouts….16 cards with 16 different exercises which included but weren’t limited to, chest press, hand release merkins, LBC, OH press, blockees/man-makers, plank jacks, Carolina Dry Docks, etc.  On the Pumpkin Punch Out board were 16 slots which housed cards that were labeled with 16 different candy names.  Each Round (16 Rounds total) 1 PAX would pick a card from YHC, head over to the board and punch a hole and take out the corresponding card with the candy name on it.  The group would then do the exercise picked by the PAX and the total reps would be the letters of the candy name plus 10.  

For example if the PAX picked Block Squats from YHC then got Snickers from the punch board the group would do 18 Reps of Block Squats.

S-N-I-C-K-E-R-S (8 letters) + 10 = 18 total Reps

After two rounds the group would collectively run both lengths of the basketball court and back and continue the workout until all 16 exercises and all 16 holes were punched out.  

Return the blocks and mosey back to the shovel flag….

The Treats…..

During the Q, all PAX were instructed to keep their respective cards that had the names of candy them.  Before COT, each PAX (YHC included) was rewarded for their hard work by receiving the candy that was on their cards….although 9 PAX attended, 8 took part in the Spooktacular so each PAX received 2 candies.  


The “Hershey’s Milk Chocolate” card raised some debate as to why its not just Hersheys…..well YHC wanted a card to have a good amount of reps….31 reps to that card….luckily it wasn’t blockees/man-makers.  That bad boy was plucked by Skid Mark and the Swedish Fish (21 rep) candy which was horrible as well.  YHC learned that coconut style chocolate (ie Mounds, Almond Joy) was not as beloved by some PAX.  According to 102.3 The Fox, the 3 most popular candy are 3. Candy Corn (wretched) 2. Skittles (Meh) 1. Butterfinger (decent); so YHC had no problem trading with Net Zero to offload a Butterfinger for an Almond Joy.  Our 1 PAX that decided to run through the Spooktacular was located and received a candy as well.





-5k, 10k and Half round the corner

-F3 Lexington Pre-Order on MudGear

-Dam2Dam…more announcements to come

-Christmas Party….more announcements to come

Prayer Requests:

-Chop Shop neighbors (Neil) missing on Lake Murray since Tuesday


Closing Prayer

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