• When: 2020-01-19
  • QIC: Little Giants
  • The PAX: GloboGym, Thumbs Up (R), Candy Stripe, Quisenberry, Chheddar (R), Netflix, Weekend Special, Pearl (R), Tater, Little Giants

1, 2,…Wait. What Number are We On?

Sunday Funday with YHC. 10 pax watched in amazement as YHC forgot how to count to ten, but hey, 15 is better anyway. If the success of a workout is the level of complaints and grumblings heard, today was a good day.

Conditions: 50’s and clear but wet (YHC kept everyone off the ground. You’re welcome.)

The Thang:


Runners and ruckers departed for 30 minutes of parking lot tours.

Circle up for kettle bells

KB stretch (OYO)

Around the World x10 each way (OYO)

Memory Ribbons x10 each side (OYO)

KB Swings x10 (OYO)

One Arm Curls x10 each arm (OYO)

One Triceps extensions x10 each arm (OYO)

One Arm Shoulder Press x10 each arm (OYO)

One Arm Front Raises x10 each arm (OYO)

Elf on a Shelf (Lateral) x15 IC

Lawnmowers x10 each side (OYO)

One Arm Deadlifts x10 each arm (OYO)

KB Snatch x10 each arm (OYO)

Elf on a Shelf (Vertical) x15 IC

Racked Squat x10 OYO

Farmers Carry to the curb, 20 calf raises, 20 toes out calf raises, 20 toes in calf raises, Farmers carry back to the cirle (OYO)

Napalms x15 IC


COT, Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama

Announcements: Dam to Dam coming up, Quarry Crusher in the spring

Prayer Request: LG’s Grandmother, Chheffar’s friends daughterePearls dad, Praise for Quis’s dad (he turned 78 recently)

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