• When: 2020-01-17
  • QIC: Shag
  • The PAX:  Pepto, Pinot, Shag, Watergate, Sweet Tart, Cheddar, Steel Toe, Olive Oil, Rebar, FN3, Casio, Double Fault, Penny Stock, Chop Block, Black Lung

Hot Box at Clash

written by Shag

Hot Box

Back to normal January weather, it was a brisk 45 degree morning. Couldn’t have been better conditions for a new game of frisbee for 15 PAX to enjoy trying out. Hot box was the name of the game and seemed to be a new spin on Ultimate Frisbee. Instead of running from one end to the other, teams had to move the frisbee from outside the box to back in and score in a smaller box in the center.

The game was pretty much a back and forth match until team 2 finally pulled it out of reach from team 1. Final score ended up 22-14 team 2.

And for your top 5 moments:

1)      Being as we were playing a new game, chemical warfare seemed to be in play this time around, as we started hearing bullfrogs more and more toward the end of the game. The PAX involved obviously didn’t care what the rules of the Geneva Convention were.

2)      A number of the PAX started blaming the wind for errant throws throughout the game. Sweet Tart seemed to be the one affected most by it. But several throws from most of the guys got blamed on the wind. Hopefully things will shape up in the next 2 weeks and mother nature will get less blame.

3)      The typical Cheddar-Double Fault competition was cooled down this week. I didn’t notice nearly as much smack talk as is normal for games between the two. We have still yet to see them on the same team. I’m beginning to think that they might be somehow planning out how they can be sure to get set on opposing teams.

4)      FN3 came back from a long hiatus and seemed to be unstoppable in the scoring department, account for a large number of team 2’s goals. Kudos to FN3 on the big comeback.

5)      After a little adjustment, most PAX seemed to be able to get into the groove of the new rules. Hot Box frisbee is the equivalent of half court in basketball. So it took some time to remember (some guys longer than others) to get the frisbee beyond the outside of the box after a turnover

Futbol is scheduled for next week and the Pellet Palace. Be there or be square

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