• When: 10/02/14
  • QIC: Quisenberry
  • The PAX: Matchbox, Bagger, Catfish, FNG-Kipper, Mac, AlterBoy, Tuff Guy, FNG-El Duque, Ginger, Take-a-Number, Wramblin Wreck, SoftTail, Jar Jar, YellowCake, Quisenberry

Put me in Coach, I’m ready to play!

15 Pax including 2 FNGs posted at Jumanji (tied the record) for a Baseball Postseason inspired workout on the diamond.  YHC described the workout as “If you like baseball, you will like this workout… If you don’t like baseball, you won’t like it even more after this…”  Not sure if this prediction came true, but the pax dug deep and finished strong… the same way you have play in the PLAYOFFS!


Conditionals: 62 degress, almost a little chilly


The Thang:

BOM – Disclaimer / Prayer

2 pax carry the equipment, the rest line up for some fly ball applesause.

Mozey to Field near the batting cage….. AbortAbort

(this field was too soggy for the workout planned, so the pax moved to the field near the woods.)

Mozey to Centerfield and circle up.


  • SSH x 27 IC
  • TTT x 27 IC
  • IW x 27 IC
  • Windmills x 27 IC
  • Merkins x 9 IC
  • Squat x 9 IC
  • LB Arm Circles x 9 each way IC
  • Bear hugs x 9 ICi
  • OH Armclaps x 27 IC

Mozey to Homeplate

Baserunning Warm up:

  • Sprint to 1st base
  • Shuffle half way to 2nd base then sprint to 2nd base
  • Shuffle halfway to 3rd base the sprint around 3rd to home
  • Rinse and Repeat up to 3 reps

The Charlie Hustle:

Count off into 1s and 2s.  1s start at home, 2s start at second base.

  • Sprint to 1 base – 1 Charlie Hustle (burpee)
  • Sprint 2 bases – 2 Charlie Hustles
  • Sprint 3 bases – 3 charlie Hustles
  • Sprint 4 bases – 4 Charlie Hustles
  • Rinse and repeat in reverse order.

9 Inning Ball Game:

  • Team 1 bats while Team 2 plays defense
  • Batter – Hits the ball can circles the bases with 1 Charlie Hustle at each base
  • Defense – Sprints to the ball does merkins for the corresponding inning (1 in the 1st, 2 in the 2nd, etc)
  • Offense – Does Called exercise
  • Flap Jack – Rinse and Repeat
  1. 1st Inning – Plank
  2. 2nd inning – Russian Twists (turning 2)
  3. 3rd inning – Low Plank
  4. 4th inning – Flutter Kicks
  5. 5th inning – Mountain Climbers (In honor of the Colorado Rockies – per Tuff Guy)
  6. 6th inning – 6 inches
  7. 7th inning – LBCs *** GAME CALLED DUE TO TIME LIMIT***
  8. 8th inning – Heal Touches
  9. 9th inning – Freddie Mercuries

Mozey back to parking lot


FNGs: (Alter Boy suggested baseball themed names)

  • Bob Hicks: Went to Brookland-Cayce High School > BC is Alama Mater of Gamecock Baseball Legend Kip Bouknight > “Kipper”
  • Claudel Gratia: From Haiti and lived in New York > Haiti is in the Caribbean > Orlando Hernandez was from the Caribbean and pitched for the Yankees > “El Duque”


  • YHC enjoyed his first trip to Jumanji.  Looking forward to the second time.
  • No one picked up on the significance of 27 count in the COP, at least YHC never heard anyone make the connection.  Each team gets 27 outs in a 9 inning game.
  • YHC had some trivia ready for the pax, especially Ginger, but got too wrapped up in the game to remember… Maybe next time.
  • Hitting off a tee in the dark was good entertainment, at least from what YHC could see (which wasn’t much) but mostly hear.  Some may have felt like the picture above…


  • MudRun is Saturday.  Lexington Pax not running are going to have a convergance at Graveyard.  NoHelp has the Q
  • GoRuck sign up is full
  • GoRuck Gear Night – Oct 9 at Half Moon Outfitters
  • Governor’s Cup Coming up in Novemeber
  • Lexington Half Marathon – Dec 6.  Let Ken Doll know if you are interested.  With enough interest, may try to get an F3 Discount
  • Palmetto 200 in the Spring

Prayer Requests:

  • Pajanimal’s Back
  • Walker Phillips is back home
  • Breakfast Club’s Mother – battling Cancer

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