• When: 10/02/14
  • QIC: Chinstrap
  • The PAX: Flip Flop, Estrada, Donatello, Ponzi, Paddle Wacker, Harp, Chinstrap

2 Steps Forward 1 Step Back

With the Ultimate Challenge Mudrun just over 48 hours away, a record low # of 7 PAX arrived at SnakePit for a GoRuck friendly workout. Not knowing what to expect, the PAX were put through a workout that YHC secretly used as a dry run for a specialty workout, The Mule. YHC learned a great deal in that he was thinking the Ruckless PAX would complete 4+ laps and the Rucker’s would complete 3+. Much to his surprise, 2 laps and 1.75 were completed by the Ruckless PAX and the Rucker’s respectively. Back to the drawing board.

CONDITIONS: 62 degrees and cloudy



Circle up in front of gym

SSH x15 ic
IW x15 ic
TTT x15 ic
WM x15 ic
LBAC x16 ic (8 forward/8 backward)
Hip Circles x15 ic

Mosey to wall just inside gate
Peoples Chair- 2 rucks were present. Rucks were held in front of PAX for 5 seconds and then passed to the left. The rotation continued until rucks returned to original PAX.

Mosey to top of S.O.P. (Stairway of Pain)

PAX were provided instruction for today’s workout. Rucker’s kept their weight on their back unless otherwise mentioned.

Top of S.O.P.- 10 Burpees or 10 Up and Downs if weight was carried
Descend S.O.P.
Mosey to 1st flight of stairs clockwise of practice field and Sprint/Mosey up
20 Russian Twists (Rucker’s held weight in front of them)
Descend stairs and Mosey/Sprint to 2nd flight of stairs
Sprint up- 10 Squats
Descend stairs and Mosey/Sprint to the Corner flight of stairs
Sprint up- 20 LBC’s (Rucker’s held weight on the chest)
Descend stairs and Mosey/Sprint to Pull-Up bars
AMRAP Pull-Ups
Mosey/Sprint to Practice field
Starting at the back of end zone Bear Crawl 40yds
Walking Lunges- 40 yrds
Partner up and Wheel Barrow 40yds (flap jack at 20yds

Rinse and Repeat until YHC calls time

Mosey to front of gym

COT: Chinstrap

-Anyone interested in running a Lexington Half Marathon get up with Ken Doll. https://www.lexingtonhalf.com/pages/halfMarathon.php Run Hard is also putting on the “Warm A Heart PattyPacks” 5K
-Mud Run this Saturday!!!!-Lexington AO’s will converge on Saturday at Graveyard at 7:00 a.m. with No Help as the Q.
-Continued prayer for Walker and family.
BOM: Chinstrap

MOLESKIN: Last Tuesday PAX were advised of today’s workout being Ruck optional. Not sure if this resulted in today’s low # or not. Either way, 2 PAX showed up with Rucks and the other 5 showed up ready to give it their all. Tclaps to all PAX for the effort put forth as todays workout was as much mental as it was physical.

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