• When: 08/23/14
  • QIC: Ken Doll, Yellow Cake, Ranger, Floppy Disk, Chinstrap, Treadmill, Nikita, Ginger
  • The PAX: Ken Doll, Treadmill, Meatball, Scooper, No Show, Chinstrap, Chuck McDaniel FNG (Utah), Netflix, Slingblade, Clinch, Bogey, Meltdown, Quisenberry, Breakfast Club, Field Goal, Rash, Wiggles, Prime Time, Optimus, The Glory Days, Clipboard, Justin Britt FNG (Hank), PYT, Dave McRoberts FNG (Coat Tails), Blue Screen, Muggy Tape, Slim Jim, Oz, Earlobe, Tackleberry, Quack, The Situation, Bulldog, Hopper, Pavoratti, Candy Stripe, Tumbler, Brother Si, Band Camp, Say What, Paul Woddard FNG (Which One), Blah Blah, Napalm, Carson Priest FNG (Big Dog), Jake, Fracture, Itchy, Hanging Chad, Brokestrong, Yellow Cake, Bragger, Shag, Pinot, Mad Hatter, Quest, Voltron, Nikita, Thumbs Up, EZ, Chop Shop, Gravedigger, Freon, Zapper, Good Hands, Double Dribble, Toothpick, JJ, Hee Haw, Lt. Dan, Floppy Disk, Knozit, Jim Glatz FNG (GED), Cream Cheese, Alter Boy, Bullwinkle, Pepto, Smokey, No Help, Flip Flop, Quarantine, Pom Pom, Tuff Guy, Splinter, Blindside, Ranger, Ginger, Fast Casual & 2 that left before COT

Nothing like a pre-run beat down @ #Crypt

89 Pax posted at #Crypt for a light-on-the-legs convergence.  Some came because #Crypt is home, others because it was a Lexington Convergence, still others because it was the 1st half of a double-down w/ the inaugural Stomp the Swamp 5k immediately following.  All were toast by the end of the hour.

Conditions: 80 & 80% humidity…at 6:15 am!

The Thang:

Mosey to Field of Dreams for COP
SSH (Yellow Cake)
Never-ending Baby Arm Circles (Ken Doll) #Crowdpleaser
Heel Touches (Treadmill)
Flutter Kicks (Chinstrap)
Windmills (YHC)
Russian Twist (Nikita)
Merkins (Ranger, naturally)
Dying Cockroach (Floppy Disk)

Count off 1-4.
1’s w/ Ranger/Floppy staying @ Field of Dreams
2’s w/ Nikita/Ginger to parking lot between helipad & dip bars
3’s w/ Chinstrap/Treadmill to dip bars
4’s w/ Ken Doll/Yellow Cake to helipad
Rotate 1 to 2 to 3 to 4

Station  1:

1 – LBC  x 20 IC
2 – Russian Twist  x 20 IC
3 – Superman vs Superman  x 10 each side on Qs command
(plank, bring R-Knee to R-Elbow while executing a merkin, return to plank, bring L-Knee to L Elbow while executing an merkin, return to  plank)
4 – Big Boy Sit-ups  x 20 IC
5 – Bicycle Crunch   x 20 IC
6 -Elevated Bird Dog   x 10 each side on Qs command
(Plank w/bent knees, Extend R-Arm forward & L-Leg back (hold), Return to plank, Extend L-Arm forward & R-Leg back (hold) Return to plank)
7 – Iron Cross    x 20 IC
8 – Dying Cockroach   x 20 IC
9 – Hip Ups   x 10 each side on Qs Command
(side Plank on elbow, lower hip to tap the ground and return to side plank. Repeat x 10 then change sides)

Station 2:

Curls x 30 IC
Tricep Extensions x 20 IC
Bent over rows x 25 IC
Shoulder Presses x 30 IC
Squat x 20 IC
Plank curls x 20 IC
Straight arm raises (straight out x 10 IC, then lateral raises x 10 IC)
Napalm Special x 20 IC
Rinse, Repeat until time is up

Station 3:

Count off into 3’s
:60 circuit of the ropes, pullups and dips.
Rinse and repeat until time expires.

Station 4:

Plank fest. All exercises from a plank position:
Merkins, Carolina Dry Docks, peter Parkers, Parker peters, mt climbers, Plank Jacks, Rock Hops
Hold your plank the entire time.

Everyone convene (eventually) back up @ Field of Dreams for #Walkers for Walker, then mosey to shovel flags for…

Continue prayers for Nail Pop, Walker & family
Jim Glatz -> Pastor @ Saxe Gotha -> Was asked where he went to school -> said Undergrad -> GED
Chuck McDaniel -> Married, 2 girls (nobody heard the comma) -> Utah
Justin Britt -> on fugitive task force -> Hank
Dave McRoberts -> following Hank to finish out his career -> Coat Tails
Carson Priest -> Big Dog
Paul Woodard -> Was asked what his girlfriend’s name was -> responded with…Which One

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