• When: 09/16/14
  • QIC: Simon Says
  • The PAX: Quisenberry, Say What?!, Mac, Quarantine, Breakfast Club, Mad Hatter, Pavarotti, Double Dribble, Shag, Pinot, Freon, Voltron, Peter, SimonSays

Let’s Play “Simon Says”

Posted on Behalf of Simon Says:

After arriving at the AO this morning, it dawned on YHC that it’s far better for a group of grown men to hang out at a high school at 4:50AM instead of 4:50PM. One option shows commitment. The other is just creepy. YHC arrived a little earlier than usual in great anticipation of my VQ and began stretching. There were coyotes and owls yelling in the distance; sounds that will grow creepier by the week as Halloween approaches. As 14 of my fellow Crypt-mates arrived, excitement grew, and then the fun began…

Conditions: Temperature: Cooler than it has been, Humidity: There was some of that

The Thang:

After a quick BOM, we moseyed to the heliport for a deluge of Side Straddle Hops, Imperial Walkers, Through the Tunnels, Windmills, and Arm Circles. The Pax learned early on that to start or end a workout without the SimonSays command is folly.

The Pax were then led to the parking lot, where they surely must have thought they were on their way to the Field of Dreams. A quick turn down the first lane led them by the school’s front entrance, past the heliport, and on towards the back of the school. The Pax were stopped multiple times on their journey to the back of the AO for sets of 20 squats, 20 merkins, and planking.

We heard a rooster crow during our first stop. He sounded a bit cockier this week, didn’t he, Pavarotti?

At the bottom of the hill near the tennis courts, the Pax circled up and knocked out 40 LBCs. We then counted of into groups of twos and embarked on a brutal suicidal sequence. As Group 1 sprinted up the hill to the stop sign, knocked out 5 burpees, and sprinted back, Group 2 did as many Carolina Dry Docks as possible. When Group 1 returned, the groups switched. Each group performed this circuit 5 times. Carolina Dry Docks were substituted with Flutter Kicks and vomiting, as necessary.

After this madness, the Pax then traveled back up the hill amidst cries of, “We just did this!” We moseyed to the bridge between the parking lot and the school and knocked out another 40 LBCs and trekked across the creek, along the school, and back to the heliport for a SimonSays Dealer’s Choice of Mary. Quisenberry led the Russian Twist in the face of great opposition from an increasingly reluctant group of Pax. Say What?! forced the Pax to grind their spines into the concrete with a heave dosage of Heal Touches. Double Dribble, the Merkin world record holder, forced everyone to conclude with Merkins, as if we had not done enough already.


Moleskin: I was overwhelmed by the kind words offered by the Pax after my VQ. It was also nice to hear all of the huffing, puffing, and consternation offered by the Pax during the workout. I’m very appreciative of Quisenberry for his advice while I put the workout together. We had to cut out several things that we planned, so we’ve got plenty of items on the docket the next time the Pax gather together in the gloom for another demented round of SimonSays.

Prayer Requests:

  • Voltron’s dad,
  • SayWhat?!’s familiy in the loss of his wife’s grandfather, and
  • Walker Phillips


  • 09/19/2014 – Tunnel to Towers 5K starting at 7:00 p.m.
  • 09/20/14 – Hurricane Hike – FOG & Robber Co-Q. It’s not too late to get on board but contact the Q’s ASAP if you want to participate.
  • 10/04/14 – USMC Mud Run – Crash is the Event Q – Smokey is our F3 Lake Murray Regional Q.
  • 10/09/14 – GoRuck Gear night – Robber is the Q and will have HalfMoon Outfitters in place for some good discounts.
  • 10/18/14 – Romp to the Swamp – Volunteers and Registrants needed –Blockhead is your Q and point of contact.

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