• When: 10/28/14
  • QIC: Fire Daddy
  • The PAX: Mungo, Howler, Magoo, Money Penny, Kwik Way, Dirt Bag, Sparky, Light Bill, Buud, Flux, Hall Pass, Rafter, Creole, FNG- Pole Slider (Cody Dominick), Church Lady, Trebek, Holy Water, Escobar, Major Pain, Fire Daddy.

Chase the what?!?!

20 pax showed up for Fire Daddy’s GoRuck friendly VQ which turned out to be not so friendly at all. By the end one Gorucker was considering using his cab fare to get home.

Conditions: 52. Perfect morning

The Thang:

Disclaimer. Head to block pile. Everyone grab a block, line up with block overhead, and head up to parking lot below tennis courts. Circle up and put blocks down

Merkins (IC) x 20 Rucks on

Mtn Climbers (IC) x 20 Rucks on

Squats (IC) x 20 Rucks on

Flutter Kicks (IC) x 20 Rucks/blocks over chest

Rosalitas (IC) x 20 Rucks/blocks over chest

Count off 1,2 and partner up. 1s keep blocks, 2s leave blocks in center

Chase the Bear-   Partner 1 walks/runs clockwise with block overhead around the lot (staying outside of 2 grass islands) while partner 2 bear crawls in same direction. Partner 2 goes until partner 1 catches up with him then switch. Repeat for a total of 3 times (each partner walks 3 times and bear crawls 3 times). Plank in middle when finished. Recover

Chase the Crab- Same as above with crab walk but modified so that crab walkers stay in middle between grass islands. Also modified to 2 times. Plank in middle when finished. Recover

Chase the Duck- Same as above with duck walk with rucks moved to front. 2 times. Plank in middle when finished. Recover

Chase the Worm- Same as above with inchworm including a push up in down position and rucks back to normal position. 2 times. Plank in middle when finished. Recover

Blocks over head back to block pile. Plank until all blocks are put up. All you got back (which wasn’t much) to flag for Mary.

Dealer’s choice

Major Pain- 60 something overhead arm claps. Little baby arm circles forward then backward.

Creole- Go, Down, Back (just had to get in the grass) 1 min



– Welcome FNG- Cody Dominick. Relative of Creole….by marriage. 25, fire fighter for 5 years, works out, and does some construction work on the side. > Pole Slider

-Governor’s Cup Nov 8. Check website for preblast and F3 signup

-Palmetto 200 is full with 4 teams from Lake Murray (6 additional from Columbia). Mungo is taking names for alternates.

– Couple guys from Swagger are starting Fuel Challenge again. Search F3 site for more info or email Mungo to be added to distribution list.

-We are asking for everyone to step up and have a devotion ready to take some of the pressure off of the Q’s. Coordinate with the upcoming Q and offer to do the devotion at the end of the workout.

-Prayers for Stirrups after having his appendix removed this past Saturday. He will be “app sacking” for a while.

– Trust your body and know your limits reminder from Magoo. Father in law had to be hospitalized and fluid removed from lungs and heart because he didn’t go to the doctor when he felt something was wrong.  Don’t be stupid.




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