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2014 Governor’s Cup Training – 10 Mile Pre-blast (10/1)

Double Digits are here to stay for the next couple of weeks.  With the Mud Run looming this Saturday, #SwaggerXL gets an early day this week to go with its unnaturally early start times.  Wed. Oct. 1st is the day to hit double digits on our training up to the half-marathon distance

Our 10 mile route can be found here on Map My Run.  We will have 3 chances for water stations, at the entrance to the mall loop near McAlister’s around mile 3, at McGregor Pres. around mile 5.75 and the return past the mall entrance near McAlister’s near mile 8.  Don’t forget to pack hydrate well today and bring in race carbs to continue to nail down what your can handle and what gives you the best boost to finish strong.  There are chances to cut out a loop or two if you need to make shorter for whatever reason.  As always Sonic is available if Elvis comes a callin’.

This will be a rolling start to allow for everyone to return for COT and BOM with #Swagger.  This one should be easy to calculate:  your avg. pace x 10 miles and then subtract from 6:15 am to get your start time.  Most should still be able to do 4:45 am.  I am going to go out about 4:35 to ensure I finish with the rest of you this time.

Basic route is this:  Blockbuster down Lake Murray to College, then donut run course to Columbiana. Left on Columbiana to the mall entrance near McAlister’s and loop the big loop around back of the mall.  Leave the mall at the Ruby Tuesdays entrance and cross Harbison down Park Terrace past Sams Club.  Right on Bower Pkwy.  Left on Harbison up Target hill.  Left on St. Andrews to around Eagle dry cleaners/Family Dollar and turn around.  Back down Harbison to Ruby Tuesday mall entrance and repeat loop around mall.  Right on Columbiana, Left on Lake Murray, all you got back to Blockbuster.

Keep up the hard work.

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