• When: 09/30/2014
  • QIC: Pothole
  • The PAX: A1A, Rust, Plan B, Scotch Guard, Magoo, Queenie, Phonebooth, Swampy, Shakespeare, Pony, Diesel, C3P0

Claims of Pothole Damage

12 faithful and eager PAX rolled into #Foxhole this morning for a Pothole Pre-MudRun circuit beatdown. No Monkey Humpers this time as we wanted to save the legs for Swagger XL early Wednesday morning and the Mud Run coming up on Saturday. Today would be circuit core and upper body training.  The mumble chatter was low, the breathing was heavy, and the damage claims begin rolling in for Pothole damage.  Best.  Day.  Ever.

Conditions: 62 and foggy

The Thang:
Up and Down Birdman X 10 on Q’s Count (plyometric exercise; arms out, keeping the arms straight, move them up and down in rapid succession in about a 6 to 10 space)
Back and Forth Birdman X 10 on Q’s Count
Through The Tunnel X 20 IC
Imperial Walkers X 30 IC

Mosey to the lower field
Sprinting to each corner, perform the following…
Corner 1: Running Man X 20 each leg (legs flat, torso in the canoe position, bend like you’re doing a situp, bring left knee up to right elbow – looks like you’re running on your back)
Corner 2: Right Side-Up X 20 (side plank, lift torso to the sky)
Corner 3: High to Low Planks X 20
Corner 4: Left Side-Up X 20
Back to Corner 1: Cross Body Mountain Climbers (fast pace mountain climbers bringing the left knee towards the right elbow; right knee to the left elbow) X 20 each leg
Rinse and Repeat

Bear Crawl Race…
Partner up on the 25 yd line
Partner #1 bear crawls to the goal line and back while Partner #2 performs Ranger Merkins
Winning team leads the PAX in an exercise of their choice X 10 reps (new winner each time)
Move to the 20…15, etc.
*this was a good exercise to get those involved who have never Q’d

Split into 2 groups. Half of group move up into the parking lot
Other half stays in the field … separated by the hill
Groups line up
Field group performs roll backs (roll back onto your back, arms extended, roll back up to your feet)
Parking Lot group performs burpees
#1 PAX from Field group runs up hill to Parking Lot group and tags #1 PAX from that group. That PAX runs down the hill to the next person in line. Repeat until all PAX have switched location.
Rinse and Repeat

V-up X 10 IC
Sit-up to Hip-up X 20 OYO (BBS position, sit up with arms on the ground by you hip. Raise your waist to the sky. Or as Magoo dubbed it: junk to the sky.)
Flutters X 30 IC
Russian Twists X 40 IC
junk in the dirt stretch
LBC X 50 (25 legs up, 25 legs down) OYO


Not a lot of mumble chatter this morning,  Maybe it was the darkness and fog and no one could see anyone else to be able to carry a conversation.  Or it could just be that everyone was so deeply focused.  Regardless, it was a good core and upper body workout.  You should be feeling it in your mid-section and shoulders.  Great work by all!

– Mud Run this Saturday.  As a result, convergence will be at #Foxhole to include #Depot, #Strut, and #Speedtrap.  Also, if you’re *not* running the Mud Run, consider volunteering your help to the rest.  A very eloquent suggestion by Magoo was to convince your M to “photographer.”
– Bring your Mud Run beverages this Thursday
– #Swagger and #SwaggerXL tomorrow morning.  #SwaggerXL goal is 10 miles if you can do it.
– Go-Ruck friendly workouts are: Tues @ #Foxhole, Thurs @ #Depot, and Sat @ #SpeedTrap
– If you’ve never Q’d before…DO IT!  All it takes is for you to sign up and use your imagination.  Consider a Co-Q even.  But DO IT!

Now that you’ve completed this excellently worded BackBlast…go sign up to Q somewhere!

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