Inception Q

Through your device of choice, you have opened a door into the thoughts and musings of someone. Anyone. It doesn’t matter who. Nonetheless, you are reading this at this very moment, and I have your attention. Now, whatever you do, with all of your might – Don’t. Think. About: elephants. What are you thinking about? …

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The State of Depot

Greetings, Depot. There are 39 members of the Twitter Depot chat. There is an average of 12 PAX attending workouts over the last several months. There’s something wrong with these numbers. Let me start off by describing a moment. A moment that, for some of us, was several years ago; and for others, not so …

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5 Years of Pothole

26 PAX showed up this morning ready to do some work. Here’s where things get sketchy. Did the other 25 PAX show up because it was YHC’s 5 year anniversary, or because Neckbrace challenged that “if we have 25 I’ll let y’all dress me up in gamecock gear for my Q next Tuesday.” I’d like …

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