• When: 2021-04-22
  • QIC: Pothole (fAOQa)
  • The PAX: Roll Tide (R), Bird Strike (R), Soft Toss (R, fAOQb), Milkman (R), Lumbergh (AOQ), Moose (AOQ), Fools Gold (fAOQa), Hostel, Red Tape, TNT, Laettner, Blart, Darla, Buddy Love, Box Wine, Dracula, Soccer Mom

T12DOP: Day 10


18 PAX were in attendance. It was 41* degrees and clear (don’t @ me…read below). This is officially day 10 of the 12 Days of Pothole.
Disclaimer: This is all really hard and you should go home right now.


In celebration of Whitney’s new 2.0 (who we’ve preemptively named: New Edition) and for other things and people that the PAX wish to recognize, we will do one extra rep.

When I was in the Marines, we always did one extra push-up for Chesty Puller. If you don’t know who that is, first of all, shame on you, second of all, Google and read up.

For Depot, we’ll do that extra rep for someone or something that the PAX calls out. Each PAX counted off and we went in order. At the end of each exercise, and before recovering, I commanded, “…and one more rep for…” (AOMRF) at which time the first PAX would call out who or what the extra rep represented.

Through The Tunnel x 15 IC AOMRF: Whitney (Moose)
Merkins x 10 IC AOMRF: Those ****ers from Ohio! (Fools Gold)
Imperial Walkers x 15 IC AOMRF: Mother Doris (Birdstrike)
Hillbilly x 15 IC AOMRF: Mom (Soft Toss)
Squats x 15 IC AOMRF: Mama Sue battling COVID, heart issues, and an arm break (Dracula)
Windmill x 15 IC AOMRF: Son serving in the Marines (Roll Tide)

Tha Thang:

The workout went down like this…

Grab a block and head to the track. Line up in two lines with PAX directly across from each other.

Mosey in two lines around the track. AOMRF: Canada (!??!?!) (Blart)

Curls for the Girls x 15 IC. AOMRF: Slim Jim (Milkman)

Overhead Press x 10 IC. AOMRF: Baby niece (Laettner)

Place the big tire on the track. First 4 PAX flip the tire once per PAX. Then the next 4. Until all have tired flipped.

Rinse & Repeat.

STH around the track until someone can’t hold up the block.

1st Stop: Merkins x 10 IC AOMRF: Founder of F3 (Red Tape)

2nd Stop: Squats x 10 IC AOMRF: Jesus (Darla)

3rd Stop: Curls for the Girls x 10 IC AOMRF: STH’s family (Hostel)

4th Stop: Overhead Press x 10 IC AOMRF: Our Nan’Tan Neckbrace (Lumbergh)

Merkins x 10 IC AOMRF: Family…and other unmentionable things (Soccer Mom)

Return the blocks and head to the parking lot.

7 Minutes of Mary:
Flutter kicks x 20 IC AOMRF: The day after the 12 days of Pothole (Box Wine)
American Hammer x 15 IC AOMRF: The 18 sons of b!tches here today! (Buddy Love)
LBC x 15 IC AOMRF: Fools Gold and his ever diligent communication (TNT)
Rosalita x 15 IC AOMRF: Chesty Puller (Pothole)
Hello Dolly x 15 IC AOMRF: Coppertone (Moose)
Iron Cross x 10 IC AOMRF: The upper bodice of a certain government official (Fools Gold)



1. EH People!
2. Legacy continues next Tuesday (and every Tuesday) at 0500.
3. Promote and show up for Frosty Friday! We had 14 people show up for the last one. Next up: April 23rd, 1700, at La Fogata in Chapin.
4. Fools Gold and Buddy Love are hosting a “fun” run through Harbison State Forest tomorrow, Friday, at 0530. Bring a headlamp.
5. Midlands Combine, May 1st. Transitions Homeless Center. You can also donate: “Midlands Combine”. Give your checks to Darla.
6. Take a moment to congratulate Bird Strike on his consistent showing. As is tradition at Depot, after several workouts, he was presented with an F3 sticker. Congratulations and keep coming back!
7. Fool’s Gold has confirmed that STH established a 529 for his son’s college funds. After we get more details, we will share how you can make contributions. Stay tuned.
8. Only 2 more days in T12DOP. Keep coming back. We’ve got word that a special guest will join us for Day 11 (Tuesday) and I promise you won’t want to miss the very last one.
9. Moose is the Q on deck for Saturday, 0630.

Prayer Requests:

Continue to remember the Haigler familySlim Jim, and other unspoken needs.



Isaiah 60:1 “Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord has risen upon you.”
Ephesians 2:4-5 But God is so rich in mercy, and he loved us so much, that even though we were dead because of our sins, he gave us life when he raised Christ from the dead.
Colossians 3:10 “Put on your new nature, and be renewed as you learn to know your Creator and become like him.”

Whitney is celebrating the birth of new life with his M. During this time, it’s good to reflect on the different ways that God gives us new life.

We get to enjoy new life through birth. Either our own children, a family member, or a friend. The creation of life is a gift from God.

At some point in our lives, we gave our spiritual life over to God. We put away the old, and accepted the new. And God breathed new life into us. The Bible says we are reborn. The rebirth of our spirits is a gift from God.

We are sinners by nature. Even though we give our lives over to God and are reborn, we always find a way to mess things up. Thankfully, through Jesus, we’re able to come to God and repent. And again, God breathes new life into us. Redemption is a gift from God.

As we celebrate new life; whether it’s the birth of a child, the rebirth of our souls, or the redemption of God’s love, let’s remember that these are all gifts that God has given us.


There was some contention this morning regarding the temperature. Some said it was 34 degrees. My weather app said it was 41 degrees. “But my truck said it was 34 degrees!”

Your truck is wrong!!

Your truck doesn’t have a thermometer – it has a thermistor. Your thermistor gages the temperature that radiates from surfaces around it. Like your bumper or the road. This is why your car reads that the temperature is 117 degrees when you know damn well it’s only 95. I would believe my phone app before your “truck thermometer” (which is actually a thermistor).

The temperature was 41 degrees as reported by weather.gov. NOT 34.

Pothole out.

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