• When: 2021-04-29
  • QIC: Pothole
  • The PAX: STH, Bird Strike (R), Roommate (R), Soft Toss (R, fAOQb), Milkman (R), Stage Coach (R, fAOQa), Lumbergh (AOQ), Moose (AOQ), Fools Gold (fAOQa), Arrears (fAOQb), Red Tape, TNT, Laettner, Blart, Darla, Buddy Love, Box Wine, Soccer Mom, Joanna, Devito, Whitney, Coppertone, FOB

T12DOP: Day 12


23 PAX were in attendance. It was 68 degrees and clear. This is officially day 12 of the 12 Days of Pothole.
Disclaimer: This is all really hard and you should go home right now.


SSH x 20 IC (but quick cadence so that others wouldn’t b!tch)
Through The Tunnel x 15 IC
Imperial Walkers x 15 IC
Overhead Arm Claps x 20 (shoulder to overhead) IC
Overhead Arm Claps x 20 (shoulder to front) IC
Little Arm Circles x 10 forward IC
Little Arm Circles x 10 reverse IC
Merkins x 15 OYO
Everyone line up behind Soft Toss and Whitney, in two lines, and mosey the big loop. #IYKYK (Soft Toss did what he could do and did the track. He definitely earned this right as he is one of the only ones to complete all 12 days)

Tha Thang:

For the last day in the T12DOP, we’re going to finish off by showing some love to the pull-up bars once more, the track, and pay homage to our boy STH.

The workout went down like this…

Grab a block and head to the track.

Round 1:

1. 50 Curls, 25 Overhead Presses. Leave your block.

2. Mosey to the pull-up bars and do 5 pull-ups.

3. Mosey backwards to the starting point.

4. 25 Overhead Presses, 50 Curls.

Round 2:

1. 25 Tricep Extensions, 50 Bent-over Rows. Leave your block.

2. Mosey to the pull-up bars and do 5 pull-ups.

3. Mosey backwards to the starting point.

4. 50 Bent-over Rows, 25 Tricep Extensions.

Round 3:

1. 25 Chest Presses, 25 Merkins. Leave your block.

2. Mosey to the pull-up bars and do 5 pull-ups.

3. Mosey backwards to the starting point.

4. 25 Merkins, 25 Chest Presses.

To end The 12 Days Of Pothole, I wanted to do something special to remember our brother STH.

STH was our brother. One of us. He had an infectious personality when he wasn’t so focused that he was silent. He did every exercise – every time – correctly.

Not pushing aside issues he was dealing with that we don’t fully understand, we choose to remember how great of a motivator and a selfless #HIM that he was. Another thing we choose to remember about him, was that he could Cusack a block for probably days. Depot has officially renamed “The Cusack” to “The STH”.

STH started T12DOP and we wanted to help him complete it.

For the last round, on the last day, we wanted to help our brother complete the challenge. We gave STH’s block to his family so we chose a Depot original block. One he might have carried above his head and most likely logged miles with it. Every PAX will help STH the block around the track. Just one last time.

Everyone lines up single file. First man starts us off, block overhead, for our brother, STH. PAX in the back mosey’s to the front and takes the block. Rotate until everyone has had a chance to carry the block.


If you did everything correctly, you should have ended with:

5 total laps (including the warmup lap).
15 pull-ups.
100 Curls.
50 Overhead Presses.
50 Tricep Extensions.
100 Bent-over Rows.
50 Chest Presses.
65 Merkins (including the 15 from the COP).
1 collective lap of STH.
My Garmin logged 1.39 miles (including the COP warmup).



1. Continue to EH people! Numbers have been good lately, but Depot always has room for more.
2. Legacy continues next Tuesday (and every Tuesday) at 0500.
3. Promote and show up for all the socials! We had a great turnout at La Fogata in Chapin. Next up is Thirsty Thursday, May 13th, at Social Grill in Ballentine, 1730 (that’s 5:30PM for you civilians).
4. Hey! Guess what? There’s this thing called the Midlands Combine coming up May 1st. You might have heard about it. If not, you’re hearing it now. It benefits the Transitions Homeless Center. You can also donate: “Midlands Combine”. See Darla and ask for the cliff notes version or to make a donation.
5. Fool’s Gold has confirmed that STH established a 529 for his son’s college funds. After we get more details, we will share how you can make contributions. Stay tuned.
6. This is the final day of T12DOP, but this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t stop coming. In fact, we need a Q for Saturday! Show up for someone else if not for yourself.

Prayer Requests:

Continue to remember the Haigler familySlim Jim, and other unspoken needs.



Proverbs 27:17 “As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.

We need to remember the unofficial credo of F3 – Iron Sharpens Iron.

Remember the leadership verses I’ve shared with you and be someone to somebody.

Be sheepdogs.


I’ve been very grateful to share the past 11 days (yes, I missed one) with everyone. When I started this challenge, I thought of coming up with something for everyone as a prize for finishing.

My first thought was a patch. It would have my caution: potholes ahead symbol and the words “100% Pothole Approved”.

But then I decided, none of you need my approval. You’re all fully capable of performing at your best. You don’t need me to tell you how well you’ve done. I mentioned early on that, as a Marine, I would act with the credo I took on when I served:

Never above you, never below you, always beside you.

You didn’t need “100% Pothole Approval” because I’m not above any of you. Instead, I’ve been humbled to have gotten the approval of all of you. So thanks for that.

I finally decided to gift everyone with food. So I made a baklava Monday and let it marinate and be ready for today. It was something I could share with everyone, instead of awarding everyone.

And that was a fitting end to T12DOP.

Pothole out.

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