• When: 2021-04-30
  • QIC: Silver Bullet
  • The PAX: Corndog; Tom Tom; McNugget; Ziffle; Quickbooks; Love Child; Bailiff; Tube Socks; Driveby; Leprechaun; Faulkner; Spittle (FNG); Woody; Pele; Kitty; Snowflake; Oscar; Ripcord; Trademark; Noonan; Bundy; Chyna; Shocker; Easy Street; Tapeworm; Welcome Week; Ballboy; Bunkbed; Biggie Smalls; Tin Tin; Kimba; Silent Bob; Ash; Collar; Blowout; Wally; Gaston; McLovin; Huffy; Zima; Churchkey; Teddy; Odyssey; Chewy; Fro Yo; Betamax; Serena; Gump; Beemis; Recount; Silver Bullet (51 total, or 150 rounded up).

Run-Vergence @ Stumble 4/30/2021

April 30, 2021 Convergence Route from F3 Stumble:

Starbucks à behind Verizon to Garners Ferry Rd.

R on Old Woodlands Rd.

At the end of Old Woodlands Rd., turn Right

Follow loop around (which turns into Rosebank Dr.)

  1. on Chesney Ln.

[If you want extra, Right into the Black Gum Rd. Cul-De-Sac]

R on Hampton Trace Ln.

1st Left onto Old Woodlands Road

  1. on Garners Ferry Road.

Behind Verizon and back to Starbucks.


Total Mileage = 3.46mi.

With Black Gum, add 0.21 mi.

If you want to add approx. ½ mile, run the Hampton Trace-Rosebank loop twice

If just to the end of Old Woodlands & Back, approx. 2.80 mi.



Thank you Tom Tom for collecting cans and cash raised for Harvest Hope Food Bank (Stumble’s charity for the month of April).

Easy Street is looking for track commanders (the riders) for In the Pink race next weekend.  

Tuesday, May 4 — Midlands Gives!  You are encouraged to give [and enjoy Star Wars Day].

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