• When: 2021-05-03
  • QIC: Blue Bloods
  • The PAX: Dunphy (R), Ranger (R), KnozIt (R), Hoist, Dominion, Blue Bloods

6 Pax Relived Their HS Days of Running Late for Class at The Bounty

A good mix of HIMs did WORK and got better and faster today.  We used several locations around the campus this morning, starting on the track where Dunphy tried his recruiting efforts on a runner.  This hopefully soon to be Pax may have even gotten his F3 name without even participating with The Bounty, so hopefully our Pax efforts will land this guy next week.  

Conditions:  High 60’s and Swampy

Disclaimer, Not a Pro as you all know, Modify if needed, Don’t get hurt, No FNG…at least not this week

Opening Prayer

The Work:

-Mosey to the track for a 2-lap warmup

-High Knees, Butt Kicks, Frankensteins

-Mosey to the Breezeway

-60-ish% effort to the first curb/break; 5 squats; sprint the rest of the breezeway; mosey back to the beginning of the breezeway—3 total reps

-REVERSE IT!  60-ish% effort for the majority of the breezeway to the curb/break; 5 squats; sprint the rest of the breezeway; mosey back to the start—2 total reps

-CONFUSE IT!  60-ish% effort to the first curb/break; 5 squats; 75-ish% effort to the next curb/break; 5 squats; run to the next break (only a few steps away); 5 more squats; all out sprint to the end—1 rep

-“Dealers choice” direction Indian Run (the long route) around the campus back to the track

-1-lap recovery mosey around the track and back to the shovel flag

Total Distance: Appx 3.5 Miles

COT, Count-o-Rama, Name-o-Rama


-Shawshank May Challenge (100 squats, 100 BBSU, 100 merkins, 25 pull-ups) each day in the month of May; all work done in Q counts towards daily total

Prayer Requests:


-No Show 





Closing Prayer


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