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AOQ Handoff

AO: Woodshed
Q: Silent Bob
PAX: Silent Bob, Teddy, Pondo, Ash, Chewy, Odyssey, Silver Bullet, Side Salad, Billy Bob, Pipeline, Matt Reynolds
FNGs: None

Slaughter Starter (Burpees x20)
Imperial Walkers
Grass Pickers
Burpees x10

Mosey to Playground
Burpees x10
Swings on the Swing x5 (MANDATORY)
Pull-Ups x10
Calf Raises x50
Burpees x10
Modified mosey to dirt track
Burpees x10
Lap around dirt track
Burpees x10
Mosey to Tennis Courts
Burpees x15
Suicide touching every line on all 3 courts
Burpees x15
Mosey to Block Cage
Cusack towards the big tree
Murder Bunny back
Blockees x10
Mosey to AO
Ukrainian Hammer in cadence

Teddy is the new AOQ!

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