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Track Meets Loyalty

Five extremely loyal amblers left their homes in the pouring rain destined for a speed workout that was sure to be canceled due to torrential downpour.  The faithful 5 were pleasantly surprised when the rain completely stopped just in time to get some serious lung burning, quad hurting, lightning paced sprint work done. 

Conditions: 68 with heavy rain (but apparently clearing at the starting gun)


800 meter warm up (2 laps)

100 meter high knees/butt kicks

300 meters at 80% speed

Mosey to starting positions (spaced 100 meters apart around the track)

5x100m relay with baton continuous for 3000 meters (each pax ran six 100 meter sprints passing the baton)

Recovery lap

Repeat 5x100m relay with baton continuous for 3000 meters

Recovery Lap

One 5 x 100m relay spending everything you got left in your tank.

COT and BOM: Closed out by Slumdog


With 5 brave souls, it worked out perfectly for the continuous relay.  Multiples of 5 allow the baton to move around the track at F3 record speeds.  The first 500 meters (one and a quarter laps) was complete in a time of 1:15 (4 min mile pace)

First complete 3000 meter relay finished with a time of 8:32 (4:30- 4:40 mile pace)

Second 3000 meter relay finished at 8:43

Final tank emptying  500 meter relay finished in 1:21

While there were many folks excited about the first amble track meet, many were sidetracked by the rain….errr first day of school festivities.  Those who made it pushed themselves to the limit, including a first time Q #spilledmerlot

It will be interesting to see how the times improve with more people and multiple teams racing around the track.  Until that time, these 5 pax are record holders.

Those who #fartsacked this morning be sure to come to #Swampfox tomorrow to receive your punishment.  Downpainment to be delivered by 2-A-day in honor of fallen Soldiers who fought alongside him in Afghanistan.

YHC is one of the aforementioned #fartsackers this morning and looks forward to repaying the debt with Twoadays tomorrow morning.

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  1. Be careful leaving Owens Field from now on. I got pulled on Rosewood for speeding in a school zone this morning leaving amble. When the cop told me what I had done, I asked when the school zone speed limit started, and he replied 6:45am. I looked at the clock that read 6:47am and looked back at him and told him I didn’t know that. Realizing I was maybe 30 seconds into the school zone time frame, he let me off with a warning. T-Claps to the Columbia Police Department (who could use some positive remarks these days) for letting me go.

    Amblers, consider your self warned.

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