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Strut in the Slop

After 24 hours of non-stop, steady rain, Seven Oaks Park in Irmo was a sloppy, sloppy mess. This did not deter 33 men (including 4 FNGs) who endured the rain while Chaser put us through the paces with a handful of bricks.

Conditions: 66 degrees with a light, steady rain

Get bricks

Run to Football Field — present #Strut Shovel Flag

COP around Flag w/bricks
10 4ct Merkins
25 SSH
10 4ct Merkins
25 4ct CLBCs

Alternating Raises 4ct x 20
Merkin Cranks 8ct x 10
SSH 4ct x 20
Plank Lockouts 20seconds x 4 each arm
Squats w/bricks 4ct x 15
Extended Arm Brick Sit-ups 4ct x 10
SSH 4ct x 20
5 Count Curls x 15
5 Count Tricep Ex x 25
Squats Brick Ext 4ct x 15
SSH 4ct x 20
10 minute AMRAP with Bricks in hand
SPRINT goal line to 50
5 Burpees
5 Merkin Cranks
5 Russian Twist

Back to COP around flag
Alternating Raises 4ct x 41
Football High Knees Up Downs x 10
SSH 4ct
Plank Lockouts 20 sec x 4 each arm
Squats Brick Ext 4ct x 15
SSH 4ct x 20

6 minute AMRAP with Bricks in hand
SPRINT goal line to 50
5 Jump Squats
5 Explosion Merkins
5 Alternating shoulder raises

Mosey behind flag to Hill with bricks
WalterPaytons (no bricks) x 5 (pair up, sprint bottom of hill to top with 2 second intervals between pairs)

Mosey behind flag with bricks to COT


  • Three straight weeks of 30+ attendance at #Strut — Irmo is on a roll.
  • Tuesday will be the first mid-week session at Strut. Sway has Q
  • Chaser can always be counted on to increase the intensity of a workout. He did that today. The introduction of the bricks was a nice touch. How’d he find those things?
  • Epstein’s Mothers to Cake and Queenie


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