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Brickpile or Swimming Hole?

5 dedicated pax posted at the #Brickpile this morning in what Roscoe called “the heaviest rain I have seen in a long, long time. Standing water an inch or two deep in some places forced the faithful onto paved surfaces lest the the fields be turned into muddy mosh pits and our welcome at Dreher High School be worn thin. Bluegrass stepped up for his first Q and delivered a solid performance, albeit to a small audience. His time will come again sooner rather than later.

Conditions: 68 degrees and heavy rain

The Thang

Logo’s loop with three pain stations
– Station 1 – 25 merkins, 25 sit ups and 20 backward lunges

– Station 2 – flutter kicks, chaser LBCs and 20 forward lunges

– Station 3- 25 merkins, 25 sit ups

Broken Ladder: Run ¾ length of back parking lot and back followed by 10 berpes and 20 iron crosses – 5 sets of this

Brickpile — blocks and bricks: Assortment of curls w/ blocks, arm circles w/ bricks, boat-canoe(we needed both), tricep curls, incline push ups to finish it out.


Ball of Man


  • Bluegrass first Q — well done! It was obvious he had practiced and came well prepared
  • T-shirt deadline is today for AmFibious event


0 thoughts on “Brickpile or Swimming Hole?”

  1. Bluegrass failed to mention one little detail on the broken ladder… He started us out doing 20 burpees and 20 iron cross for 5 sets. After the third set (while I was completely sucking eggs at this point in time, he decided to dial the burpees down to 10. “I got a little agressive with the 20 burpees” he said….

    Well done first Q Bluegrass! You will be back sooner rather than later that’s for sure!

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