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This Was NOT A Tropical Vacation

When I think of Fiji, I think of a tropical island in the South Pacific; a place of true relaxation. Those thoughts were changed forever this morning after today’s War Daddy at #Strut delivered a unyielding beatdown on the pax that made us all realize….this is NOT a vacation!

Conditions:  73 degrees. 87% humidity. Clear skies.

The Thang:

Warm up jog to School Parking Lot

· (20) ARM Raises – Forward & Backward

· (25) Side straddle hop

· (15) Merkins – Slow Negative

· (25) Squats – variable

· (15) Imperial Walkers

Separate group into 2 teams

Mosey to playground


· Team 1(30) seconds of pull-ups

· Team 2 (30) seconds of diamond merkins

· Team 1 (30) seconds of diamond merkins

· Team 2 (30) seconds of pull-ups

· Team 1 (30) seconds of chin-ups

· Team 2 (30) seconds of crunches

· Team 1 (30) seconds of crunches

· Team 2 (30) seconds of chin-ups
Mosey to Soccer Field

Soccer Field

· Plank-o-rama (1 minute low plank / 1 minute right arm up / 1 minute left arm up) #crowdpleaser
· Stationary lunges x 20

· 100 yard sprint

· 5 walking merkins

· Rinse and Repeat (3X)

Mosey to Heartbreak Ridge
Heartbreak Ridge

· 1 sprint up hill

· (10) merkins at top of hill

· (15) dips

· Rinse and Repeat (3X)

· Jog to parking lot

Mosey to Grassy area by tennis courts

Six Minutes of Mary: Dealer’s Choice

· Fiji – Deadbugs (X15)

· Napalm – Flutter Kicks (X20)

· Brother Cy – Imperial Walkers (X15)

· Panty Hose – Praying Hands Full Sit-ups (X10)

· Queenie – Windmills (X15)

All you’ve got back to the parking lot

Ball of Man led by Fiji


Great inaugural Q by Fiji this AM! This was the first time to my knowledge that we used the playground equipment behind the school. One notable observation from this morning was that the lighting around and behind the school all the way to the soccer field was MUCH better than Tuesday when we worked out at the opposite side of the park. We almost didn’t need the risk manager’s flashlight! #haditanyway #safetyfirst

Fiji showed us who was boss this AM, especially when it came to pull-ups / chin-ups and plank-o-rama. Legend has that he holds the low plank position any time that a commercial comes on when he is watching TV. I personally saw him hold a low plank position for nearly 5 minutes one time in a plank-off, appearing to be exerting himself as hard as most people do when they read the Sunday paper. The workout was a great combination that worked all muscle groups and it flowed very smoothly from station to station.

T-claps to Rx for showing up with his temporary Gamecock tats already applied for the game tonight. In the gloom, I thought that the Gamecock on the side of his neck was real! #gameface

Finishing up with a Dealer’s Choice round of Mary was something the pax really enjoyed. I heard one guy say, “Hey, this is like training for leading an entire workout.” Great observation, brother!

-AmFibious 5k is 9/2. We’re expecting a big crowd (as in potentially over 100). If you still want to participate just let Fountainhead know. ([email protected]) Look for AT LEAST one email with additional details coming over the next few days.

– Blockhead has brought up the idea of a group run. The #Amble workout downtown has been extremely successful so we have a great model to follow. All we really need to do to get it started is settle on a place to meet, map out a couple of courses, and do it. Matthew 18:20 says “For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.” Let Sway know if you’d be interested in a Monday/Wednesday/Friday group run (@F3Columbia or [email protected]). I guarantee the runners are out there in this group, and we can get it going.

– We have a waiting list for the Fall Mud Run. The Columbia region has 6 teams, and F3Nation has about 60. If you want to do the Mud Run, it’s not too late. Get on the waiting list and we will do our best to find a spot for you.

– Alter Boy and Uno are working on a golf outing for October 10. Looks like it will be at Cobblestone and cost $45.

– 3rdF efforts are under way. TB is taking a leadership role. Contact him if you’re interested in helping out and be looking for announcements soon for a evening Bible study. ([email protected])

– Standing lunch Wednesday at Lizard’s Thicket on Beltline. High Noon.

-Governor’s Cup is 11/9. Commit now and work with Amble to get trained up. Plenty of time. Sign up with our discount code after 9/1.
We’re going to start listing the current commits:
Yellow Cake
Kim Jung

Who else? You’ll never have a better shot at achieving this goal. F3 Columbia is here to help you to the next level.

[Backblast authored by Alter Boy, posted by Sway]

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