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Do you pass to set up the run, or do you run to set up the pass? uhh…

40 of columbia’s most faithful arrived at the brickpile in the Saturday gloom just a few hours after the first Clemson tailgaters pulled into pickens county, for a first Saturday of college football extravaganza!  The Pride, the Passion, the Pageantry and the Competition were awaiting them in the gloom.  Kim jung and Fannie brought everything but the boiled peanuts to the experience, and honored today’s  top ten matchup with a TEAM VS TEAM convergence.

Conditions: 71 and 94% humidity when the Shovel Flags were planted

Tha thang:

Marching Band takes the field for pregame festivities (all 4 count) led by Fannie:

SSH in Cadence X25

I.W. in Cadence X25

LBC’s in Cadence X25

Tajh Boyds (Clowney Style): UP DOWNS with a Roll on the ground whenever the Q calls “SACK” 1 minute 10 SACKS

Aaron Murrays worst nightmare (Clowney Style): Explosive Squat Jumps with a full extension of arms and legs at the top X25

Merkins in Cadence X 25 hold plank while Q counts off 1’s and 2’s.   formed 2 teams of 20 MEN for the rest of the morning.  Good Guys vs. Bad Guys.  1’s vs 2’s.  Offense vs Defense.  West Coast vs. East Coast. Whatever.  Kim Jung took team 1 and Fannie led team 2.

Both Teams Mosey to the #BrickPile

Competition Begins:

Both teams every man grabs a block and joins his team in plank.  When both teams are in plank, 1st quarter begins:

Pair off on each team with 1 block.  1 curl, pass to partner, he does a curl and passes back for 2 curls, so on up to 7 curls, and then back down to 1. Plank when done.  First team all in plank wins:

Team 1 scores first.  1-0 Good Guys

Jog to the curb in the teachers parking lot, be aware of the ants….for some SAMMY WATKINS- Hit the curb, do 10 decline merkins and then race back to your block to plank.

Team 2 ties it up in a questionable referee ruling based on the fact that MEL went back to the brickpile to grab a HEAVIER BLOCK!



Team 1 indian run logo’s loop all the way to Hollywood squares while Team 2 moves all the blocks to Hollywood.  Fast paced offense vs a hard working d.  first team in plank wins.

Team 2 wins. 1-2 barely.

Flip flop:

Team 1 wins. And does some Windmill led Planks and SSH’s X 25 and 25 merkins while waiting

2-2 at the half. #Probablyunsportsmanlikeconduct #dominatingoffensiveshow

Second half. Both teams mosey to lower field where cones are set up.

GURSHELLS: 40 yards long zig zag sprints touching cones (width 15 yds apart) 8 cones-about 95 yds total

Plank at end, leave after man in front is at 3rd cone.

Team 2 wins.

2-3 bad guys.  Then a headcount reveals that team 2 has sent 2 men to team 1…(#substitutioninfractionattheveryleast #unsportsmanlikeconduct?) #CalledBACK#handsonhips #iwouldathrownmyvisor

Run it back with evened out teams #somebodygettheirbellrung?

Almost a dead heat…but team 2 gets it at the end…#splinter


2-3 Bad Guys

Exit thru the Tunnel:

Line up 1st man planks.  2nd man armycrawls under and planks, so on until everyone is planked, then first man crawls thru to the end.  Could have kept going, but time was coming to a close…2 minute drill. #Timeexpired

Team 2 in a close close close 1

2-4 Bad Guys…YHC is proud of the way we all attacked it, we’ll get em next time

Winners: 10 Burpees, 25 merkins, 10 squats plank when done

Losers: 20 Burpees, 50 merkins, 20 squats

Mosey back to brickpile for cleanup. Mosey to the COT.

Ball Of Man led by Stent

Notes: brickpile move was harder than it looked. great job by everyone, good teamwork.  logo’s loop was done in record times.  great teamwork…no man left behind, men were getting stronger!

Lots of Laughter and heavy breathing, and sweating…great time today under the shovel flags, men.  it was a lot of fun! and a gasser.  the tunnel was a lot of fun, the encouragement to move through was awesome. this one we can do again!

Amfibious 5k is monday morning get there early 8 or 830 at the latest…gonna be logistics to deal with. race starts at 9! check preblast for all the details…including starting locations! normal columbia schedule resumes on tuesday.  try out thunder at Hand Middle.  lots of good stuff out there.

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