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The Rock Clock and the Bear Crawl

As dawn broke over Irmo, SC, 30 men were already assembled at Seven Oaks Park, anxiously awaiting Sway and the #PainTrain.

The Thang:

Warmup run around Leaphart Middle School and down Switchback Sidewalk, stop at The Rock Pile. Partner up, choose one granite rock per pair. Proceed to soccer fields with rocks.

SSH x25
High Knees x15
Butt Kicks x 15
Merkins x15
LBC x20
Squats x20
Wide Arm Merkins x10
Jungle Bois x18
Sit Ups x20 OYO

The Rock Clock
Partner up, one partner uses rock, other does alternate exercise, then flapjack. Rotate clockwise after each set (did you choose your rock poorly?)
Set 1: Rock Curls/Merkins x15
Set 2: Tricep Press/Situps x10
Set 3: Goblet Squats/Merkins x15
Set 4: Bent Over Rows/Little Arm Circles x15

Move to End Line of Soccer Field #1:
Sprint to opposite end line of Field #2 (200+ yards), sprint back
Backwards Run to opposite end line of Field #1
Lunge Walk x10 each leg, backwards run back to same end line.
Bear Crawl — as far as you can go, then plank

Form three lines — Indian Run, each line goes their own way, 2x through the line, end at opposite endline.

11’s: Merkins and Situps

Line up on End Line: Karaoke across both fields (200+ yds), switching on command.

Pick up rocks, mosey to return them to The Rock Pile. Plank until all done.

Mosey to Heartbreak Ridge: Sprint up, jog down, x 3, stay at the top after #3.
Bear Crawl down.

Run to baseball parking lot for Six Minutes of Mary:
LBC x20
Freddie x20
Russian Twist X20
Dolly x20
Rosie x20

Run to Parking lot for COT

Ball of Man — Honored guest Today led closing prayer


  • Solid session at #Strut this morning. This group continues to impress with their numbers and work ethic.
  • The Rock Pile was interesting, but the rocks — although heavier than the bricks — are still too light. Special shout out here to war daddy Fiji, whose first selection from the Rock Pile was about the size of my cell phone. “Do you realize how old we are?” He was allowed to make an alternate selection.
  • I wasn’t sure there would be enough rocks for the entire pax, but there were plenty. Next time, no partners.
  • The bear crawl as far as you can go was a crowd pleaser. Pole Climber had mad bear crawl skills that might rival Robber’s. He completed the entire 100 yard length of the field, and then some. He would have gone to the parking lot if YHC had not reigned him in. T-Claps to you, sir.
  • Between the grass clippings, the dew, and the sand/rocks in the parking lot, I think this was the dirtiest non-rain, non mun run workout YHC has done since high school football.
  • Heartbreak Ridge continues to be a crowd pleaser. I’m not sure exactly who it was doing the bear crawl slide down, but it was impressive (Pole Climber, I think). Did not lift his hands.
  • Brockovich and Naplam have the Q’s Tuesday and Thursday at Strut — stepping up to develop as leaders as this group grows and expands is crucial and these guys will get their chance this week.
  • An Amble-type group run could start as early as Wednesday. Brockovich spent time with Fountainhead post workout today, and he and Blockhead will head this yet-to-be-named group run. Details soon.
  • Fountainhead gave details on the AmFibious run and float — check the website for the full package.
  • Alter Boy gave information on the golf outing October 10th.
  • It’s not too late to get on the waiting list for the mud run.


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  1. Great job on the Q, Sway. That workout was nasty on so many levels.

    I hope the lawn maintenance crew remembers to put the mulch bag on the mower next time they cut the grass on the soccer field. Good grief!

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