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Pre-Blast: AmFibious 5K & Float

The Labor Day AmFibious 5K & Float is MONDAY!  Many details have been discussed and highlighted in countless ways including prior pre-blasts so let me try to make this as brief as possible.  Please download and read the Race Packet for details including the required waiver.  Note that the Race Packet has been slightly modified to reflect the new pull out location explained below.

Where to Be on Labor Day Morning:
The 9:00 AM run begins at the Naples Street entrance to the Three Rivers Greenway in Cayce.  We may overflow this parking lot but there are options nearby so get there early to make sure you can track down a space.  I’d recommend being there by 8:30 at the latest as most PAX still have to turn in their waivers and everyone will need to put their name on the “race roster”.  This Naples Street parking lot has a short trail from the start of our run to the Congaree Picnic Pavilion which F3 has reserved for the day.

The Green Square above represents the starting point of the 5K and is likewise where the parking lot is located.  The Red Square is the location of the Congaree Picnic Shelter we have reserved through the City of Cayce.  Note that this is not the picnic shelter beside the parking lot.  We’ve had to make a change in the float plan due to current water levels (they’re lower than they were a month ago) and that’s illustrated by the new pull out location at the termination of the red/yellow line above.  The green line simply denotes the walk back from the end of the float to the Congaree Picnic Shelter and the parking lot.  It’s farther than we would have liked but we can’t control the water level.

Details of the route can be found in the (Updated) Race Packet or you can check out the MapMyRun.Com route for location and map information.  Further information on the Three Rivers Greenway is also available through the River Alliance so check out their site as well.

The northern end of the 5K as illustrated above has two parts.  First, the 5K distance does include the uphill treck to the parking lot and then back down again to the river.   The purpose of this parking lot stop is to make sure everyone is properly equipped for the float.  The Truck (again, see the Race Packet) can carry anything you’d like to have transferred between parking lots so take advantage of that resource to haul your float stuff… everything except your raft or inner tube of choice may be placed in The Truck to travel in either direction.

Last, the float.  While the run can safely be estimated to last 30 to 45 minutes, the float could take as little as an hour or as long  as two.  Keep in mind that the shoes you run in will also likely be the shoes you float with unless you plan accordingly.  Whatever you wear, some sort of shoe is highly advisable for helping navigate the few rapids along the way and, now, walking the extra distance from the pull out point back to the cars.

What to Bring – Mandatory:
Your Signed Waiver which is included in the Race Packet (We will have copies at the start of the run but that’s just one more thing to deal with before the run begins that none of us want to worry about.  Please just bring it signed.)
– A PFD (Certified/Licensed Personal Floatation Device)
– $20 if you haven’t already contributed to the event.

What to Bring – Recommended:
The Float Plan (We’ve done this for you…  We’d like you to be safe and this is one way we can help in that way.  It’s in the “recommended” list simply because we can’t require it, only advise its use.)
– An inner tube or some other comfortable and stylish method of cruising down the Congaree (like the float plan, it’s only “recommended” because your PFD can get you where we’re going… uncomfortably.)
– Shoes suitable for both run and float (or plan an exchange at The Truck)
– Snacks and Drinks  (We will be providing some water but please don’t rely on us for all of your snacks, drinks and other stuff.  Bring what you’d like… you can survive on the high calorie river water)

What to Bring – Optional or For Consideration:
– Pump or Inflation device… some way to help the PAX get their Tube On
– Sun Screen… the Greenway is shady but the float is not.  Bug Spray might also be nice.
– Change of clothes
– Towel
– Your Phone (One will travel with us but if you have a safe/sealable way to take it, bring a phone… it could be useful to you or the group in a pinch)
– First Aid Stuff (Again, if you have something easy to take along, bring it)

Closing Thoughts:
We will end the float with a BOM to include as many PAX as we can round up.  Please plan to stick around at the end to welcome floaters in from the river.

Last, plan for your own fun.  We’ll do as much as we can reasonably manage to make this a success but we’re not a nanny state.  Think this through from your own perspective and if there’s something you’d want to see done, go out and do it.  #IATA


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