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#Amble 5 for 5

After last night’s big Carolina/Carolina game, it was no surprise that cars in the KBC parking lot were a little sparse this morning.  Not to be without a record setting element, however, I do believe that todays #Amble attendance had the lowest per-capital #Gamecock fan attendance of any @F3Columbia event and may keep that record for a while as the regular season gets underway.

Nonetheless, 5 strong took to the streets for a new, exploratory trip north.  Such highlights included gated neighborhoods, unfinished roadwork and a barricaded bridge, a neighborhood school and several small water features (unrelated to last nights storm).  Forest Acres area may see more action as longer routes become more common gearing up for the Governors Cup in November.

Conditions:  76 degrees and still damp from last nights thunderstorm

The Thang: 

From KBC, cross Trenholm Road and headF3Amble-5Mile_SatchelFordWaspSlim_8_30_13 north from Chicora up Wofford and Winthrop to Clemson.  Crossing Forest Drive, weave through the Laureate to a left hand turn onto Willingham (roadwork & unfinished bridge).  After wrapping left and then right again, turn left on Landrum around to Oak Hill Road and turn left on Satchel Ford Road at the Elementary School.  Then take your first right down Shannon Springs Road and up to another right onto Sylvan Drive.  From there it’s just a long haul back south to Trenholm and onward to KBC where the 5 mile loop ends.  The image to the right depicts this course as run in a clockwise fashion.



  • Nice to have some company this morning, especially given the new territory explored!
  • Discussion was started about some trail running activities at Sesquicentennial State Park.  Because trail running in the gloom may prove disastrous, options for an afternoon/evening run in the coming weeks will be explored.  If you’re interested, respond below or get back to me so that we can get something like that organized around people who can and want to try it out.


  • The AmFibious 5K & Float shirts are in hand and Labor Day is fast approaching.  Expect an updated Pre-Blast over the weekend (Saturday afternoon) after a final scouting trip and last minute details are put to bed.  The basics haven’t changed and so the earlier Pre-Blast information is all still legit.  If you’re looking for a way to get me $20 for the shirt and to support the F3F, I’ll be at #Strut tomorrow and Sway or Chaser can handle the same at the DHS Convergence.  Bringing $$ on Monday is also, of course, an option but most of us will be pretty busy that morning getting everything set up.
  • #Amble on Monday IS the AmFibious 5K so don’t go down to Owens Field expecting a speed day.  Please spread the word on that if you know #Amble regulars who may miss the memo.
  • The Governors Cup Half Marathon on November 9th is just over 2 months away.  There’s still plenty of time to get trained up for it.  We had 13 hard commit before today which has meant we can offer a $5 discount code through F3.  Simply use the code “GC415FFF” when registering for the race online and it should appear on the final payment page.  The Pre-Blast for that event, too will get updated in the near future and we’ll put a rolling list on that pre-blast of those who have signed up.
  • Convergence at DHS tomorrow (Saturday) at 7:00 and #Strut will likewise meet across town at Seven Oaks Park.  Get in your downPAINment before a long day of excessive football related consumption.
  • We have a waiting list for the Fall Mud Run. The Columbia region has 6 teams, and F3Nation has about 60. If you want to do the Mud Run, it’s not too late. Get on the waiting list and we will do our best to find a spot for you.
  • Alter Boy and Uno are working on a golf outing for October 10. Looks like it will be at Cobblestone and cost $45.
  • 3rdF efforts are under way. TB is taking a leadership role. Contact him if you’re interested in helping out and be looking for announcements soon for a evening Bible study. ([email protected])


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