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Return of the Runway

AO: _Castle
Q: Escrow
PAX: Turncoat, grilz, Escrow, Wannabe, T.O.Y, Turnpike, Lamb chop (Elliot Epps), special k (Wes Kirkland)
FNGs: None
We warmed up

Four corners
25 ssh/25 merkins

25 air squats/ 10 burpees

25 Freddie mercuries/  25 flutters

Indian run

    1.    10 med ball slams
    2.    10 med ball push-ups
    3.    10 med ball thrusters
    4.    10 med ball squats
Indian run with consequences

MARY: stretch + alphabet + flutters, feet to sky, Superman, Freddie mercury, iron cross, Creech crunch, Floyd Mayweather, LBC, plank, push-up/plank ring of pain. Etc
ANNOUNCEMENTS:  hump day happy hour-great group of guys, ring the bell.  
COT:Lord’s Prayer

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