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Suicides Weren't Painless

Roscoe got up on the wrong side of the bed Monday morning and took out his frustrations on the 11 pax who met him at Dreher High School. Nothing fancy — just a downPAINment to start the week off right.

The Thang:

Student Parking Lot:
SSH x20
Jump Squats x10
Merkins x15
Jump Squats x10
Mountain Climbers x15
Jump Squats x 10

Line up on curb:
Suicide: first light, second light, opposite curb
Then: Burbees x10, Merkins x25, Sit Ups x25
[Rinse and Repeat x3]

Run around school 1.5 times to Hollywood Squares
Dips x15
Decline Merkins x12
Box Jumps x20
Iron Man Crunch x15

Run to Great Wall:
People’s Chair x:60
LBC x15
People’s Chair x:60
Merkins x15

Run to Heartbreaker’s Brickpile — blocks and bricks:
Block Curls x15
Bent Over Rows x15
Iron Cross x20 OYO
Raise the Roof x11 (with bricks)
Block Curls x15


Ball of Man


  • Suicides were not painless. YHC was gassed after the jump squats and mountain climbers.
  • 11 was a really good number. If you haven’t tried the Monday Brickpile, give it a shot.
  • Wednesday at the ‘Pile will be KBs and stretch. Same bat time, same bat channel.
  • Welcome to the Irmo pax who shocked the world with a fantastic #BigBang on Saturday. Keep it going!
  • Crotch Rocket and Dredd will be in town on Saturday. Dredd will lead the workout.


0 thoughts on “Suicides Weren't Painless”

  1. I’ll have to admit, calling the burpees, merkins, and sit-ups after the suicides was a little bit of a stretch…. I wanted to make sure our FNG didn’t think we were soft!

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