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Pax #SwampFoxed by Stilts

26 SwampFoxes ventured into the surprisingly cool and dry morning gloom for Stilts’ first Q. Complete with his #ChrisWeinke (check the Lexicon link at the bottom of the page), the former athletic officer at The Citadel led a workout worthy of his upbringing on the banks of the Ashley in Charleston.

Conditions: 73 degree and 76% humidity. After weeks upon weeks of 90%+ humidity it felt like fall out there.

Warm up Run around the school.
1st Stop at the school’s drive across from St. Martin’s
 SSH x 30
 Merkins (30 Seconds) – AMRAP, OYO
 Sit-Ups (30 Seconds) – AMRAP, OYO
 Flutter Kicks X 25
2nd Stop directly behind school
 Merkins (1 Minute) – AMRAP, OYO
 Sit-Ups (1 Minute) – AMRAP, OYO
 Flutter Kicks X 25
3rd Stop at #BlueSky
 People’s Chair (1 Minute)
 Low Plank (1 Minute)
 Flutter Kicks X 25
 Russian Twist X 20 (4ct)
 Low Plank (1 Minute)
Run to #SwampPile
 Pick-up Pavers and Slabs
 Setup on goal line
 With bricks above your head – lunge to mid-field
 Run back to goal-line
1st AMRAP for 8 minutes
 15 X Slab Curls – 1 Count – Goal-line
 Paver Burpees X 8 – Mid-Field
 Merkins X 20 – Opposite Goal-line
 Run up #HamburgerHill and down then work backwards (Merkins,PaverBurpees,SlabCurls)
2nd Stage AMRAP for 4 minutes
 15 X Chest Press Slabs – 1 Count – Goal-line
 Brick Burpees X 5 – Mid-Field
 Mountain Climbers X 20 1 Count – Goal-line
 Run up #HamburgerHill and down then work backwards (MntClimbers,PaverBurpees,SlabPress)
Put up Slabs and Pavers and low plank until everyone done.
Run to COT

Ball of Man led by BedBugs

– T-Claps to Stilts for an excellent first Q. Not this kid’s first rodeo and he’s here to stay. Expect more pain in the next episode.

– Need some guys to head out to Irmo Saturday. Seven Oaks Park at 7am. Mission has the Q. We need to make sure they don’t have a letdown after a great launch last Saturday. EH (Emotional Headlock, Invite) your Irmo/Lexington/Chapin friends.

– Tomorrow morning #Amble will meet as normal at Kathwood Baptist. We have 6 or 7 committed for the Governor’s Cup half marathon on 11/9 (off week for Carolina AND Clemson football). You can do this. Commit today to pushing yourself to new heights. I’m doing it as is Fountainhead and many others. If we get 10 committed we can get a discount rate. DO NOT sign up yet though because our discount code will not be available until the beginning of September. Hard commit to this race by telling me or Fountainhead ([email protected]). No excuses. More info here: http://f3nation.com/2013/08/02/pre-blast-governors-cup-13-1-2/

– If you’re in to kettlebells then head over to #Brickpile tomorrow morning for a kettlebell workout. 5:45-6:30.

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