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The Seinfeld Strategy

34 pax assembled at The Brickpile as Heartbreaker took his turn at Q. His theme: show up and deliver. And he did.

The Thang:

Warm-up jog to lower field. Don’t trip over #BaggerVance.

SSH X 25
Merkins X 15
LBC X 20
Up / Downs X 12
Freddie Mercury X 15
Boat / Canoe X 5

Strings of Fire:
Suicides 25 / 60 yd
Single Count – merkins, rocky sit-ups, squats x20 each
[Rinse and Repeat x3]

Mosey to Heartbreaker’s Brickpile, get block and bricks:
Incline Merkins X 10
Curls w blocks X 15
Fwd Arm Circles w bricks X 15
Rows w blocks X 15
Reverse Arm Circles X 15
Curl / Overhead Press w blocks X 15
Flutter Cooldown X 41
Curl / Overhead Press w bricks X 25

Jog to Great Wall:
People’s Chair 90 secs
Jungle Bois X 18
Lung Walk / Sprint 30 yds each x2 reps
People’s Chair 75 secs
Merkins X 15

Run to Shovel Flag


Ball of Man


  • Well done, Heartbreaker. Good Q today.
  • Lines have been painted on the football practice field that’s our AO. This provides not only more precise distances, but also a tangible reminder that football season is nearly upon us. #Rejoice!
  • It has not gone unnoticed that although it’s August and football season is coming, there has been no sight of the Dreher High School football team. Perhaps they are at camp, but more likely they are arriving after we have left. This is disheartening to many of our Pax who remember 4-a-days in the summer and believe the youth of today have gotten soft.
  • Here’s the article on Jerry Seinfeld that Heartbreaker read this morning: According to Forbes magazine, comedian Jerry Seinfeld made $267 million in 1998. And 10 years later in 2008, he was still bringing in $85 million. They call it “The Seinfeld Strategy”. When asked in an interview about the secret to his success, Seinfeld responded with simply: consistency. He said the way to be a better comic was to create better jokes and the way to create better jokes was to write every day. And for every day that he writes, he puts a big red X on that day on his wall calendar. After a few days, he has “a chain” and all that matters is not breaking this chain. Consistency. Top leaders in any field are more consistent than their peers. They show up and deliver day, after day, after day. While others can get demotivated or off-track after a bad day or bad performance, top performers settle right back in the very next day. Successful leaders do the same. They are consistent. They are intentional. They realize that leadership isn’t a position. It is something that we do. Are you moving yourself, through your thoughts and actions, in the direction of your team’s goals and mission? Are your actions in alignment with your professed beliefs and values? Are your actions worthy of following? Leaders lead. Every day. Don’t break the chain. 
  • T-Claps to Uno who not only made the trip from Irmo to post at Brickpile  this morning but also brought an FNG with him. That’s the way it works, guys.
  • Fountainhead: Plans are in the works for a Labor Day 5K and river float. Details to follow. Also, Governor’s Cup Half Marathon training is upon us. We want a good showing November 9th.
  • NORTHEAST EXPANSION: If you have guys in Northeast Columbia who are interested in F3, please submit their names and emails to [email protected] We are building a database for launch later in the year.
  • Blue shirts are available for pickup. They will be at SWAMPFOX on Thursday.
  • Irmo 2nd workout is Saturday. Mission has Q, Alter Boy and Robber will also attend. Others are welcome and encouraged to post there while we establish the location.
  • Crotch Rocket, Dredd, and others will be at Brickpile on Saturday. Don’t miss this.
  • Kettle Bells tomorrow (and every Wednesday) at Brickpile. Homewrecker has the Q. #HellsBells
  • I can only imagine what was going through #BaggerVance’s mind as he sat on the curb as our little army thundered by him. The #FlyingEH was unsuccessful.

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  1. 5:30am you are sitting on the curb of Millwood… suddenly 35 cars pull into the parking lot right beside you in the span of 5 minutes then 35 guys come running out of said parking lot straight toward you… what is the word for that in the Lexicon???

    1. I did hear someone reference Cedric the Entertainer….so I googled Cedric the entertainer running…try it and prepare to laugh… does have some NSFW language but worth it… I am wiping tears off my face right now…what would we have done if he would have jumped up and started running with us…

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