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Pre-Blast: The Amphibious 5K

Labor Day, the day that, in contrast to its name, is characterized by as little labor as possible.  It is a day of laziness highlighted by beer and boating.  One entire 24 hour period to abandon the rigors of a normal Monday work day and instead find something completely frivolous to occupy our lives.  F3 Columbia, in honor of this great tradition, shall provide such a frivolous opportunity.

What is the AmFibous 5K & Float?  Greenway5KRunFloatMapIt is a race… of sorts.  A 3.1 mile test of endurance followed by a leisurely spell on Columbia’s own lazy river.  Starting from the Cayce Three Rivers Greenway entrance on Naples Avenue (the green square at the start of the blue line on the map), a 5K route has been mapped to the Lyles Street riverwalk entrance and then northward on the Greenway to the upper reaches of the West Columbia path.  The run culminates at the parking lot north of the Jarvis Klapman Bridge but the morning is not over.  No, the run gets wet from there on.

Runners, having borne their floatation device of choice (and PFD in observance of local law) from the starting line and inflated them as needed, are sent back down the hill to launch their vinyl vessels upon the churning waters of the Congaree.  The hot morning jog goes amphibious for the return trip back down the river to the Cayce picnic pavilion (the red line terminated at the red square on the map) where a #ShovelFlag will mark the end of our journey.


The gun goes off at 9:00 AM on September 2nd, Labor Day.  That gives the pax plenty of time to roll leisurely out of bed, have a light breakfast and still be suitably prepared for the run.  Parking is all at the Naples Street entrance to the Greenway in Cayce.

The combined duration will depend on the flow rate of the river but the run portion should be 30 to 45 minutes and the float another hour and a half for a total round trip schedule of between two and two and a half hours.  Prepare for more, just in case, but you should be headed home or off to the rest of your Labor Day by lunch time.

Registration for this event is $20.  Why?  First, because it’s for a yet to be determined worthy cause.  All proceeds will form the opening balance for the F3 Foundation of our Columbia region.  And, second, event registration comes with a cool, custom F3 t-shirt.  Because we have a deadline on the t-shirts, you must provide your name, nickname and $$$ by September 17th to be assured a shirt.  After that, you may not get a t-shirt but are welcome to contribute the same $20 to the F3 Foundation in support and appreciation for this great event.

Water will be provided at each parking lot (run start and finish) along with coolers for the use of the pax.  Keep in mind that any adult beverages you may consider bringing must be consumed in “international” waters due to the park restrictions of both Cayce and West Columbia.

PFD’s are required apparel and inflatables of your choice and for your river comfort are at your discretion.  Anyone who has a foot pump or cigarette lighter powered pump, please let us know so that such aids can be provided at the north end of the run.  Alternately, anyone interested in carrying or wearing a fully inflated inner tube the full 5K distance will earn the respect of his peers and likely be photographed for use in promoting next years event.

This post will be updated as the date arrives but for more information please contact [email protected] or [email protected].  Entry fees will be collected by Sway, Mission, Fountainhead and Chaser at the various workout locations including the Saturday Irmo bootcamp.




0 thoughts on “Pre-Blast: The Amphibious 5K”

  1. Sway is IN. Any I’m gonna carry my tube — inflated — the whole way. It’s a race, I’m not going to lose time inflating my tube.

  2. I’m in too…likley with at least 2 2.0s as well. Heck, might bring the whole Chaser Clan. 9/2 is my oldest’s 9th birthday so we may need to sing to her to make her ok with floating down the river with a bunch of dudes on her birthday.

  3. Reboot, nobody heard my comment this weekend that your 2.0 should be named Ctrl+Alt+Del. I’m asking for a redo.

    The Apple Crew is in like Sway (Flynn). Apple, wife (not sure of the nickname), Saiko (6), Princess (4).

    Shirt sizes are Men Med, Women’s Med, Youth Med, Youth Small.

    Looking forward to it.

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