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#Amble Dunkin Dash

America Runs on Dunkin.  Today’s #Amble challenge was intended to test that slogan through a choose-your-own-adventure race to and from the baited midpoint of the morning’s run.  While the Kettle Bells were swung at DHS this Wednesday morning, the runners of F3 Columbia rounded Lake Katherine once more with a dozen donuts as motivation.

Conditions:  72 degrees and a damp, post storm 99% humidity


Rising ever earlier in the gloom… but not earlier than the staff at Dunkin Donuts… YHC selected 12 choice temptations and delivered the dozen donuts to the main student entrance of Brennan Elementary School.  The bait station thus became the apogee of a selection of routes available to the pax.  Choices made were of three varieties based on two ways around Lake Katherine to our destination.  About half of the pax chose to loop the lake starting off from KBC and running to Woodlake and Shady before the uphill climb on Kilbourne to Brennan road and our destination.  That lake loop then took the pax back down Sanford and Kathwood to Woodlake and back to KBC for a 4.2 mile jaunt.  Others chose the near side of the lake for a 5K route on Woodlake and Kathwood to Kilbourne and likewise over to Brennan.  And yet others chose paths of varying degrees of lost.  Somehow between start and finish we picked up a pax of unknown route but welcomed him none the less.



  • T-Claps to all pax except YHC for denying temptation and ignoring the bait.  The #SummerFuelChallenge is showing results and the self discipline evident in the group was spectacular.  Unfortunately, it left 11 donuts and plenty of guilt for me to deal with over the course of the day.  Does a single donut during a workout constitute a cheat meal?
  • Great to see a strong turnout knowing KB’s were being swung at DHS.  15 may be a new #Amble record which is huge considering 9 more pax were getting in a Wednesday downPAINment elsewhere.


  • The AmFibious 5K & Float Pre-Blast is up and getting noticed.  Share the info with friends and family as this could be a great annual event for F3. Questions have already been asked about the $20 price tag… that’s for Adults.  2.0’s with a registered adult are welcome to participate for free but would obviously not receive a t-shirt.
  • The Governors Cup Half Marathon Pre-Blast is also up.  Now’s the time to think seriously about it while there’s plenty of time to train.  Anyone who’s been involved with F3 for a little while and is willing to further their fitness can run 13.1 in three months.  If it was easy, anyone could do it.  If you’re reading this, you’re not just anyone.  Take the challenge.


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