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Welcome to the Ironyard

Nine men joined for the inaugural kettle bell workout at #Brickpile following our introduction to the bells last week by Swinger and Robber. The 3×3 interval workout proved to be brutal. Some of the pax were heard naming our Wednesday workout #Ironyard at the Brickpile. Similar to the bricks and blocks, the bells took no mercy on the pax.

The Thang:

Cardio Warmup
• Big Arm Circles x 20
• Toe Touch Kick x 20
• SSH x 20
• High Knees x 1 min

Rotation One – Repeat x 3
• Traditional Swing x 20
• Rocky Sit ups x 20
• Figure 8 Lunges x 10
Soccer Step Up x 1 min

Rotation Two – Repeat x 3
• Full Overhead Swing x 20
• Triceps (with one leg) x 20
• Moving Merkins x 10
Soccer Step Up x 1 min

Rotation Three – Repeat x 3
• Alternating Single Arm Swing x 20
• Squat Curl Press x 20
• Full Sit up x 10



Ball of Man


  • Homewrecker delivered a brutal beatdown for his first Q. The man knows his kettlebells. Very well done!
  • Wednesdays from now on are KB days at Brickpile, the #Ironyard
  • Don’t forget Saturday convergence at Brickpile: Crotch Rocket and Dredd will be in attendance

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