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#Amble Report: Flying High

11 pax took off from Owens Field with hard set goals.  Armed with the assurance that the track at Owens Field would be the recurring Monday location, the faithful showed up ready to push themselves and one another.  Although the flight line across the street was quiet and empty in the gloom, the track filled up quickly and provided plenty of distance at a grueling race pace.


800 Meter warmup followed by 3 X 1 mile repeats.  Goal pace was based on 5K pace per mile minus 15 seconds (ie, if your 5K pace is 8 minutes per mile, your 1 mile repeat pace would be 7:45).  Most pax hovered around the 6:45 pace with a solo jackrabbit besting the pack by a solid minute or so per mile.  Each mile was followed by a 1 recovery lap.


  • Continued approval of the track location along with a solid #Amble showing assures Monday’s to be a strong start to the work week.  Come back next Monday for more.
  • The pax, YHC included, are getting more an more comfortable going chippendale.  August is upon us and the gloom hides hides a world of sins.
  • T-Claps to the #Strut pax for the great turnout Saturday.  ‘Very excited to be expanding the F3 Nation.


  • A regular KB workout is scheduled for Wednesdays at DHS which will likely lead many #Amble faithful to dabble in the mid week weights.  As has been noted before, KB’s are a great pairing with sprint and run work so the alternate Wednesday option hosted at #brickpile is sure to be of great benefit to @F3Columbia.  #Amble will continue to host a Wednesday run from the KBC parking lot for those who plan to maintain the 3 day run routine.
  • The #SummerFuelChallenge continues with week 5…  drink it up.  Again, August is upon us.  get your H2O on.  (Nod to Boucher who continues to post at #Amble).
  • The Governors Cup Half Marathon is calling.  3 solid months to get ready which is plenty for anyone posting for #Amble.  If you’re interested, check the Pre-Blast or contact [email protected] for more information.



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  1. had to be at work early this week, so whilst you all were enjoying the gloom, i huddled under the flourescent glow of cubicle lights…#eveningamble

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