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Huge Crowd for Irmo SC Big Bang: #Strut

40 midlands faithful — including an incredible 25 FNGs — met at Seven Oaks Park to christen the newest AO in the F3 Nation: #Strut. Sway took the pax on a jaunt around the park that featured a taste of what’s to come, including burpees on the #GrassyKnoll and sprints up #HeartbreakRidge.

Conditions: 76 degrees, humid, overcast

The Thang:

Circle of Pain:
SSH x20
Merkins x15
LBC x15
Squats x15
Arm Circles x15 each
High Knees x10

Tennis Courts:
Ski line drill x:60
Line Hops x:60
Suicides – fence to each of three sidelines x3
Merkins x10

Ring Run:
Station #1 (playground): Merkins x10, Regular sit ups x15 OYO
Station #2 (Bridge): Raise the Roof (11’s)
Station #3 (Grassy Knoll): Burpees x5, 3 sets

Football Field – Ark Loader:
Sideline sprint forward/backward
Karaoke over/back
Lunge walk
Bear Crawl
Crab walk
Frog Jump

Snack Bar:
People’s Chair x:60
Merkin x10
People’s Chair x:60
Jungle Bois x18

Heartbreak Ridge:
Walter Peytons x2

Six Minutes of Mary:
Flutters x12
LBC x10
Freddie Mercurys x10
Hello Dolly x10
Boat Canoe x4


Ball of Man


  • Wow. YHC expected 8-10 new guys for the #BigBang in Irmo. 25 was shocking. The cars just kept coming.
  • Seven Oaks Park is enormous. Even though we hit lots of areas today, there are still many, many more to explore in future weeks: soccer fields, baseball fields, playgrounds, tree planters, a running path, bleachers, and of course, the rockpile.
  • The Irmo pax hung in very well for their first day during a workout that was not easy. YHC was impressed by their lack of quit.
  • I predict #HeartbreakRidge will become legendary in the F3 Nation. #WalterPeytons #JacobsLadders
  • The plan to use the tennis courts for line drills and suicides was nearly thwarted when a seniors tennis team arrived at 7:00am. T-claps to them for the early arrival, and fortunately we were able to use another court.
  • The naming process in the COT took 30 minutes. Lots of FNGs! However, I think we missed a couple, and we will name them next time. #Elvis
  • Mission has the Q at #Strut next Saturday.
  • Midweek workout additions were discussed in the COT. I think these guys will start that soon.
  • Wide age range today — 24 to 64.
  • Thanks to all the #Brickpile guys who made the trip out to Irmo to support the #BigBang.
  • 13 at Irmo Lizard’s Thicket #coffeeteria was a great start! Nancy and Ms. Mickey took good care of us.
  • Finally — all you FNGs, I recommend drinking lots of water and taking an Advil before you go to bed tonight. You will probably be sore, but that just means you did something. Do SOMETHING mid-week to work out soreness (run, walk, just move) and we will see you next Saturday. Also, if I misspelled your name, I’m sorry. Let me know and we’ll fix it.

0 thoughts on “Huge Crowd for Irmo SC Big Bang: #Strut”

  1. Fellas give it up for Sway. He had the vision and drive to assemble this massive launch. Great job by the Irmo FNG’s. They worked hard and hung in there really well. T-claps to all of the Brickpile/Swampfox guys that made it out. Special day.

  2. Whoa! That’s 1/1/12 kind of action for FNG turnout. T-claps to F3Columbia for such a bang to a new workout. Strong okra crop this summer I suppose. #sharetheblueprint

  3. The Second Saturday Workout is always the hardest to plant. #TClaps to F3/COLA for doing it in record speed. Great work.

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