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….And the Q Shall Be Last

26 including 5 FNG’s attended my first solo Q. Thank you to Logo for leading the last few minutes of the workout while the Pax finished. Yes, the Q came in last, but I did not hear too much chatter during the workout other than the occasional “This Sucks”, so I consider the morning a victory.

The Thang
As Fast as you Can…

Logo’s Loop (1 mile)
300 Kettle Bell Swings
200 Merkins
150 Sit Ups
100 Curl Presses with the Blocks
Logo’s Loop (1 mile)

Hustler was the top finisher at 39:48, Blue Grass came in second at 44:06 and He Haw was third with a time of 45:50….I was the last finsiher at 1:03:42…honestly, the sheet I set up for people to record their times was faded by sweat and I could not read most of the other times…you know how you did!

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  1. good lord! beastly. no wonder so few made it to the five k. T-claps to el guapo for double up on a day like that!

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