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Pre-Blast: Governors Cup 13.1

Once a year, this the first in the life of F3Columbia, The Governor’s Cup Half Marathon is run in our great capital city.  On November 9th scores of runners will form up, as we did so recently, before the steps of the state house to begin a 40 year running tradition embracing so much of the territory we claim as our own.  Racers will pound the asphalt on Gervais Street and Millwood Avenue before turning south into Shandon as if hiding their eyes from DHS and those who now claim it as home.  The route turns up Kilbourne and skirts the #Brickpile boundaries as if daring men to reach just a bit further beyond their comfort zone.  And then the Governors Cup path raises its hind leg and leaves its mark on #Amble soil, turning on Sanford, Kathwood, Woodlake, Carter Hill, Quail and Shady Lane, the classic lap around Lake Katherine, in the ultimate affront to the run group of F3Columbia.  Last, in a challenge to all who claim Columbia as their own, the course returns to the downtown area through five points reaching its climax before the oaks of USC Horseshoe.  The course itself makes the challenge.  On November 9th will you sit in traffic watching stronger men fight their way across this great city?  Will you sit sipping coffee at Lizards Thicket at 9:45 on a Saturday morning while the true athletes of Columbia cross the finish line before the jewel of your alma mater?  Or will you rise to this occasion?  Will F3Columbia demonstrate what a year of determination and grit can produce in men.  Will we uphold our flag in the soil of this city?

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The route above begins at the corner of Main Street and Gervais, following a path east on Gervais and Millwood, south on Maple, east again on Duncan, and Kilbourne to the Lake Katherine Loop.  The half marathon then turns back west on Kilbourne to Wheat, north on King to a further westward turn on Devine and Blossom.  The race culminates with a hard north hill on Sumter to end at Pendleton.  Distance is 13.1 miles, half the distance fabled Pheidippides ran to Athens from Marathon, Greece. 


Race Registration is open but F3Columbia is working with race organizers for group status and a group discount.  Although we believe any man in F3 can train for and succeed in a half marathon, we need an approximate head count by September 1st to secure the best possible group rate discount.  That means we need to hear from you if you intend to participate.  For additional information and to put your name in the ring, please e-mail your intentions to [email protected]. Once we have a reasonable head count, we will secure a group rate and provide the group discount code for your use in registering.

So, to simplify, registration is a three part task: 1) e-mail [email protected] to have your name counted.  2) Wait for the group discount code to be provided to you.  3) Register yourself through Strictly Running via the web link provided using the group discount code.

Race Web Site: http://www.carolinamarathon.org/Governors_Cup/

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