• When: Saturday's in Mar, Jun, Sep & Dec. 0830-0930
  • QIC: 
  • The PAX: All Lake Murray AO's.

Special Opportunity for the Lake Murray AO’s

On March 28, 2015 a new kind of AO was formed in downtown Cola, somebody came up with it’s name-The Mission.  The familiar F3 mission statement applied:  To plant, grow and serve small workout groups for the invigoration of the male community leadership.  What made The Mission a “new kind” of AO was the male community – The Oliver Gospel Mission (OGM) and the men of it’s very demanding recovery program.

Since 2015, F3’s mission statement has been realized on Saturday mornings through men from other AO’s pushing and encouraging the OGM men to be the men they desire to be – through a workout – yea, what a crazy way to help men recover!  F3.  Aye!  Anyway, as with all acts of service, the server quickly became inspired by those he was serving.  Heck, many visiting AO men have left The Mission on Saturday’s headed for home feeling like the OGM men served them.

So … here’s the opportunity for the good men of the Lake Murray Region.

THE OPPORTUNITY FOR LAKE MURRAY: LM AO’s sign up to post at The Mission.

WHEN: Mar, Jun, Sep, Dec on Saturdays at 0830. A 45 min boot camp and about a 15 min COT. Cola and Lex will cover the remaining months.

WHERE:  Finley Park.  You’re going to like the layout- hills, steps, walls, really big hills, really big steps, really big walls.

HOW: Each AO Q, or, so-designated AO PAX, needs to go to the Special Events portion of the Q sheet and sign up their AO for a Saturday in March.  You can beat the crowd and fill up the other three months as well.  Decide if your AO wants to Double Down or have one workout, up to you.  It’s fine if AO’s decide to share a Saturday – we’re busy husbands and dads, and bring your 2.0 if it works – Wingback has brought his 2.0, Viper.  And it’s fine and dandy if your AO wants to handle the Q on your Saturday; The Mission men have rucked, mudrunned and road raced and love the SUX. How about letting Stones know if you decide to Q so he can give The  Mission a warning a heads up. [email protected] or @mcwhirter_eddie OR just write “Qing” in Q sheet. We’ve got our convergences on the calendar now, and that’s a good thing.  Post at the convergences, and then clown car down to Finley Park.

WHY: Because your one hour presence per month – that’s all it will be when each AO jumps in – will push and encourage and motivate a man in his recovery.  That’s the price and the payoff.  Not too shabby.


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