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4 Cornersgiving

AO: Sawmill
Q: Rudder
PAX: Goodspeed, Haggle, Full Metal Jacket, F3 Columbia, Rudder
FNGs: None
WARMUP: classic stuff. And plenty of it! True warm-arama! SSH, IW&Hillbily, LBAC’s (all directions), butterchurner, Merkins, Mary stuff.
THE THANG: 4 corners. Same exercise at each corner, same mode of travel to each corner. Progressive. Mosey to corner 1. 10 Big Boys. Mosey back to start. Repeat, and after corner 1 , side plank walk to corner 2. 20 Iron Cross. Back to corner 1. Big Boys. Back to start. Repeat corner 1&2. Imperial Walkers to corner 3. 30 Gaspumpers. Back to corners 2 & 1 & Start. Repeat to corner 4. Travel was lunge walk. Many thought that was end. Nope. 40 Freddy Mercury. Back to corners 3,2, 1 & start. DONE.
Farmer carry blocks back and forth.
MARY: Six minutes worth. True F3 style.
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Thanksgiving is celebration of CAPITALISM.
COT:T-giving for birth of Gepetto’s niece Alexia (sp?). Prayers for repaired marriage of Farcus and his M.
New flag for B’Wood Rec Center.
Gold Plated Coffeeteria (Waffle House!).
Kotters to Haggle!!

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