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DEKA Training

AO: Sandlot
Q: Bayou
PAX: Ruby, Two Gloves, Coin Flip, Bayou, Two Doses, Hasbro, Runt, The Beast, Broke Down, Anchor Man (Broke Down’s Son)
FNGs: 1 Anchor Man (Broke Down’s Son)
Mosey Down/Bernie Back
Open Hips/Close Hips
Lunge Down/Mosey Back
SSH IC x 11 + 11 Burpees
Bleachers Up/Down + 9 Burpees
Bleachers Up/Down + 7 Burpees
Bleachers Up/Down + 5 Burpees
Side to Side Push + 3 Burpees
Indoor Track 2 Laps + Burpees & Patty Cake Merkins

Foundations – Two Rounds
– 30 Reverse Lunges
– 30 Box Step-Up Variations
– 30’Medicine Ball BBSU’s
– 30 Band Pull Downs
– 15 Reverse Lunges
– 15 Box Step-Up Variations
– 15 Medicine Ball BBSU’s
– 15 Band Pull Downs
– 15 Heavy Bench

DEKA – Three Rounds

100m SLED Push/Pull
100m Farmers Carry
100m Rifle Carry
800m Run


– DEKA – Get with Bayou if you are interested
– 3/11/22 – Charleston Convergence, 7am
– Crappie Fishing Trip Info Forthcoming (2/25 or 3/4)
– Mount Mitchell Hiking Trip

– Things we need to stop doing to gain peace in our lives:

– Arguing with people
– Wasting energy on one-sided relationships.
– Overcommitting time when we don’t have the energy.
– Accepting & excusing toxic behavior because that was more comfortable,than change.
– Allowing dysfunctional family members to steal our joy.
– Trying to fix people as an “act of “love.”
– Discarding boundaries to fit (uncomfortably) in other people’s lives
– Pretending to be happy when we are hurting.
– Silencing our voice & not naming our needs.
– Overthinking about our past & things I cannot change.
– Holding onto people we’ve outgrown because of the “time invested.”
– Going along to get along.
– Overlooking blessings & comparing ourselves life to someone else’s.
– Abandoning ourself, our truth, and our integrity to “fit in.”
– Waiting for external validation to boost our confidence.
– Trying to change people who were committed to staying the same.

Which one resonates with you the most?

The pain you have been feeling can’t compare to the joy that is coming. Romans 8:18

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