• When: 08/08/2014
  • QIC: Turtle & SubPrime
  • The PAX: 4 Mile: Stent, Cesspool, Sketch, Turtle 12 Mile: Huffy, Costanza, Polo, Garmin, SubPrime

#Ramble: Choose Wisely

A combined 9 faithful posted for another dose of pick-your-poison Friday at #Ramble.  Turtle led the charge for a typical 4 mile quick loop while YHC plotted a 12 mile LSD course for those interested in conquering the LSD run before the weekend.  Good luck to those taking on the 12 miler tomorrow morning.

Conditions: 74 degrees with 78% humidity

The Thang:

4 Mile

Ramble 4 Mile Turtle 8-8-14Depart SPC traveling east on Devine.  Turn right onto Ott and continue to Wilmot.  Turn right and wave to Turtle’s childhood home and continue to Woodrow.  Turn left onto Woodrow and follow to Monroe and turn right.  Continue down Monroe to Harden and hang a right.  Follow into 5-Points and veer right onto Santee.  Continue to Lee Street, turn right, and head up the hill to Maple.  Turn right and follow across Devine to Wheat.  Right on Wheat and right on Woodrow completes the loop.

12 Mile

#F3RNR 12 Mile Friday 8-8-2014

Depart the 5-Points Fountain heading west up Greene.  Follow to Main and turn left.  Continue down Main past Whaley until it bends to left turning into Heyward.  Continue up Heyward (look out for #LIFO Garmin as he speeds into a parking spot to join the group) and turn right onto S. Marion.  Proceed across Rosewood and around Rosewood Hills turning left onto Superior.  Continue up Superior (and Holt for a block) until it becomes Harvard.  Continue up Harvard and turn left onto S. Bonham.  Proceed back across Rosewood into Shandon and continue to Blossom.  Turn right onto Blossom and left onto Kilbourne.  Follow to Devereaux and hang a right – pausing at the water station.  Continue across Beltline and down the hill to Rickenbaker.  Turn left until rejoining Kilbourne with a right turn.  Continue across Gill’s Creek and turn left onto Shady.  Follow Shady to Woodlake and turn left.  Veer right to stay on Woodlake and zig-zag right and across Trenholm onto Limestone.  Follow Limestone to Clemson and zig-zag left and across Clemson onto Greame.  Continue down Greame and turn right onto Roslyn.  Left on Converse, right on E. Buchanan, and cross Beltline onto W. Buchanan.  Continue across Trenholm onto Heatherwood staying to the right onto Tomaka and eventually Adger.  Proceed up Adger and turn left at the top of the hill continuing on Adger.  Cross Devine onto Ott and turn right on Blossom.  Follow Blossom to 5-Points turning right onto Harden.  Continue back to the fountain.




  • It looked like a solid 4 mile jaunt for the #Ramble boys.  Also sounds like #coffeeteria was well attended.  Thank you to Sketch for hanging around for the 12 mile crew.
  • T-Claps to the 5 12 milers.  This run launched at 4:50 which is nothing short of stout.  Great job.  T-claps also to Huffy for accomplishing a PR for distance.
  • Garmin wasn’t about to waste a 20 minute ride in for the run just because he was a few minutes late.  This guy scared the you-know-what out of the other four running us down in his car.  Thankfully a friendly face emerged from the vehicle.


  • #F3Dads workout will take place one final time Friday, August 15 at #Brickpile, 7:00-7:30.  Please spread the word.
  • Sign up open again – Fall Mud Run – Let’s get signed up for this Great Event! We are almost at 600
  • Preblast for Columbia’s GoRuck Custom is live. Please HC as soon as possible.
  • August 9 – Sweet Baby-O 5K – Sign Up – We really need to have a big presence for this event
  • August 23 – Stomp the Swamp 5K – Sign Up – Great cause to Support River Bluff’s Men’s & Women’s Cross Country Team
  • F3Sumter expansion works are underway. Email EH’s to [email protected]
  • – #Pray4Walker


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