• When: 08/07/14
  • QIC: Pebbles
  • The PAX: Smokey, Loose Screw, Dufresne, Stones, The Rock, Sand Dollar, CSI, Futon, Deliverance, Slate, Garmin, SoCrates, Pebbles

Never Let Futon Give You Birthday Advice

13 PAX showed up at Strut today, with 2 taking an early 5K Swagger through the park. Some came expecting a party, but NO ONE was ready for the rules of aging…


Brick UP

SSH 26 IC (with bricks)
Squat 26 IC
Imperial Walker 26 IC
Dirty Dog 26 IC (13 each leg)
Merkins 26 OYO

Duck Duck Goose
In a tight circle, everyone holds a designated position while one man 5 reps of an exercise, then makes a lap around the outside of the group. As soon as he takes off running, the next man begins his 5 reps, then does his lap, and so on until everyone has done 5 reps and a lap. Then repeat at 10 reps without recover.
Round 1 // HOLD: squat position, WORK: Squat
Round 2 // HOLD: high plank, WORK: Merkin
Round 3 // HOLD: six inches, WORK: Flutter Kicks (only one time through)

Brick Mayhem
Each of two teams have their own “base” with bricks/cinderblocks in the base area. Teams are purposefully uneven: one team has more bricks and less people, the other team has less bricks and more people. The object is to clear the opponents base by picking up their bricks 2 at a time and bringing them back to your base.
1) You can only take 2 bricks at a time.
2) You must do 5 merkins on the bricks before dropping them off at your base.
3) You must run only on the right, outside the perimeter set by the cones.

Game ends when one base is completely empty, or at five minutes, whichever comes first. (YHC’s team technically won but we played the full five minutes anyway.)
#Crowdpleaser — If for no other reason than that it was the most successful of any of the games that were attempted.

Paper Rock Scissors
Plank up across from an opponent and play Paper, Rock, Scissors (while in plank). Single elimination – winners move on to next round, losers exercise.
Round 1: losers do burpees.
Round 2: losers do merkins.
Round 3: losers do squats.
After a very confusing and poorly explained 3 minutes, Socrates pulls out the win and everyone else stops whatever the heck they are doing (because I don’t think at this point any two people were doing the same thing except looking confused) and we move on to the DEVIL LOG!

Pebbles’ Log
In a circle, all start an exercise with bricks, except YHC, who started with the log. Each man takes 10 reps on the log then passes it to the left and goes back to using bricks until all have done 10 reps with the log and roughly 100 with the bricks.

At some point during the log passing we all learned a valuable lesson. NEVER ask Futon for advice on aging. He gave his 3 Rules for After 50 [a category in which half of our PAX openly rest] and I think we were all with him through rules number 1 & 2 …

and then there came number 3…

Ever had one of those moments where you wish you could rewind about 5 seconds and un-hear what you just heard? That happened at rule number 3.

Moving on… Once we all mentally recovered, we moseyed over to a grassy patch for MARY.

Russian Twist 26 IC
Hello Dolly 13 IC (move straight into Rosa without letting feet down)
Rosa Lita 13 IC (move straight back to Dolly without letting feet down)
Hello Dolly 13 IC (move straight into Rosa without letting feet down)
Rosa Lita 13 IC
OHead Arm Clap (YHC wasn’t the only one with a Birthday this week.) 57 IC, for Loose Screw





  • Happy Birthday this week to Loose Screw, Mungo, CSI, and YHC
  • Great work today Strut brigade. Thanks for humoring me through the madness that I created. A couple of the games actually worked though so I think we still got some good work.


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  1. It was an awesome Q. You are great at thinking outside the box and making the workouts fun. And since I was Rock, Paper, Scissor Undisputed Champion of the World, I liked that game.

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