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Pre-Blast: Governors Cup 13.1

On November 9th, marking, belatedly, one year of F3 in Columbia, the Governors Cup Half Marathon will march across the city from Main Street to Lake Katherine and back presenting to the pax an opportunity.  Men from every workout have answered the call and plan on registering and training for this great annual event.  If you haven’t already, it’s time to add your name to those committed.

The Thang:


The route above begins at the corner of Main Street and Gervais, following a path east on Gervais and Millwood, south on Maple, east again on Duncan, and Kilbourne to the Lake Katherine Loop.  The half marathon then turns back west on Kilbourne to Wheat, north on King to a further westward turn on Devine and Blossom.  The race culminates with a hard north hill on Sumter to end at Pendleton.  13.1 miles of asphalt east and west across Columbia.

Registration is at: http://www.carolinamarathon.org/Governors_Cup/ and we have been given the F3 specific discount code: GC415FFF. Online registration provides a highlighted yellow box (on the second page of the web dialogue) to enter the code once you’ve clicked the “have discount code” radio button.  The $5 discount does not show up until registration is complete.  Through the end of this month, with our discount code, the cost is $55 plus a $4.20 credit card processing fee.

Your training has already begun.  If you’re active in F3 then your base fitness level is your starting point.  Amble will be tailored, in the coming weeks, to prepare runners for the half marathon but being ready is up to you.  Below is the training plan most of us will be following to prepare, M/W/F of which will be the norm for Amble through race day.

The List:
The following F3 men have made public their resolve to complete the Governors Cup Half Marathon.  This list, though, is not complete.  We’d like to see a continued expansion of our roster so please let us know your interest by contacting us at either [email protected] or [email protected].  E-mails will be sent to the committed list giving tips and other details to help our team prepare.  If you’re not on the list, therefore, you may be missing important details like opportunities for weekend runs or alternative convergence Saturday events.
Chaser                    Subprime                Mulch
Fountainhead         Bubbles                  Traitor
Snuggles                 Drive-by                  Snow White
Kitty                         8-Mile                     Boucher
Yellow Cake           Detour                     Resume
Kim Jung                Slumdog                  Turtle
Fannie                    Obamacare
Dos Equis              Costanza + M

Last but not least, take this seriously.  Running a half marathon, especially for those of us who’ve never attempted one (YHC included), means a change of lifestyle in certain respects.  While working out every day may seem like a good idea, truly, to avoid injury, you should consider taking a day or two off each week which, based on our schedule, will likely mean skipping a bootcamp workout.  It’s only for a few months but take care of your body as needed.  ALSO, hydration and nutrition will start making a big difference when running 10+ miles at a time. Proper hydration begins days in advance so simply make a habit of drinking more water every day than you have in the past.  Likewise, eat more and eat well.  A 8-10 mile run will burn over 1000 calories which must be replenished if you’re to get stronger.  Consider your balance of carbs and proteins to make sure you have both the fuel to run and the building blocks to rebuild muscle.

Get us your name.  Get registered online.  Get ready to run as an F3 Team.



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  1. I am now registered for the event. I honestly forgot to do so and the deadline is upon us. Don’t pay an extra $10 or whatever by missing this deadline (9/30).

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