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#SwampFox Climbs The Ladder

15 appeared in the gloom to put in work this morning and were met by Stilts and his #ChrisWienke full of suicides and timed sets o’ fun.

Conditions: 71 with 92% humidity.

Warm up run
Down Clemson, left on Chicora, left on Furman, Left on Coker, Down to Basketball Courts

Ladders: (Suicides)
Down and Back = 1; every down and back equals 1 minute of AMRAP.
1 – Down and Back
AMRAP – Merkins 30 seconds + Sit-ups 30 seconds = (1 minute)
2 – Down and Back x 2
AMRAP – Pushups 1 minute + Sit-ups 1 minute = (2 minutes)
3 – Down and Back x 3
AMRAP – Merkins 1 minute + Sit-ups 1 minute + Lunge in place 30 seconds +Squats 30 seconds = (3 Minutes)
4– Down and Back x 4
AMRAP – Merkins 1 minute + Sit-ups 1 minute + Flutters 1 minute + Low Plank 1 minute = (4 Minutes)
5– Down and Back x 5
AMRAP – Merkins 1 minute + Sit-ups 1 minute + Flutters 30 seconds + LBCs 30 seconds + Lunges 30 seconds + Squat Jumps 30 seconds + Mountain climbers 30 seconds + Russian Twist 30 seconds = (5 minutes)

Bear Crawl Suicide with Crab Walk back x 1
Scalded Dog Suicide with Hop back x 1

Final Suicide touching midline and then far line full speed finish.

COT led by Splinter

-Excellent, creative, workout from Stilts. This is why we roll in a different Q every morning at F3. Keeping things unpredictable and fresh keeps us interested.

-Huge T-Claps to Stent on the 1 year anniversary of having his stent put in and making a decision to get in better shape. F3 has been a huge part of his effort and he means alot to our group. Thank you Stent for sharing that with us this morning in COT.

-We’ve noticed a Columbia-wide trend in lower attendance on Tuesdays over the last month or so. If you’re attending on Tuesdays I’d encourage you to reach out to some you know who come on Thursdays and/or Saturdays to get out there on Tuesdays too. Working out two days a week is not going to be much of a benefit (assuming the person isn’t working out outside of F3). F3 is about accountability. Reach out to the fartsackers.

-Mud Run is coming up on 10/12. Sway is running the wait list and you may get lucky so please let him know if you are interested. [email protected]

-Governor’s Cup is 11/9. Commit now and workout at Amble to get ready. Go to http://www.carolinamarathon.org/Governors_Cup/ to register and OUR DISCOUNT CODE IS GC415FFF. Pre-Blast by Fountainhead is coming soon and a training plan (SET TO LAUNCH NEXT WEEK) is being developed. So far, commits are:
Fountain Head
Yellow Cake
Kim Jung

-3rdF efforts are under way and an announcement is coming very soon. TB is taking the lead. Please let him know if you are interested in helping or getting involved. Contact him at [email protected]

-I have blue Columbia shirts for Cotton and Cud. Email me about getting them. [email protected]

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